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I’d love to work with you! However, please take the time to see my writing style and what my niche is about. Authenticity is essential and crucial for me. I will only work with brands and businesses that is relevant to my niche, including how it would benefit for our Deaf/HH and Hearing readers. 


Paid freelance writing, brand ambassadorship, paid sponsorships, exceptional reviews, press trips, photography & film, social media campaigns, contests & giveaways and guest posts. Depending upon which collaboration, you may inquire me regarding my rates. I also operate on a policy of full disclosure, because I want to honest with my readers. It would be a pleasure working with you!

Guest Posts

I am only accepting guest posts if you are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind or if you are Differently Abled* traveler. If you are not, however, I may consider guest posts that Deaf/HH and Hearings* can benefit from. Guest Posts can be written or filmed (must have closed captions & transcripts). ASL video

Academic Interviews

For students who are taking American Sign Language or Deaf culture class, I will not do an interview for your class. I am, however, thrilled to hear that you are learning our culture and language, but I am only focused travel-related collaboration. I’ve tried interviews for some students in ASL classes in the past, and I often don’t hear any reply back from them after submitting my answers. I felt unappreciated for my work and time. Therefore, I will not accept any interviews for your class. Otherwise, if you have found answers in my blog/vlog for your interview, please credit me accordingly. ASL video


Traveling Coaching

Do you feel overwhelm what you need pack or what to see for your upcoming trip? Do you want to know more communication techniques? Or if you are a Deaf traveler, do you want a specialized techniques for your travel? Email me for more details & rates!

American Sign Language (ASL) Lessons

Have you been wanting to learn ASL but life gets in your way? Whether you are a parent, a student or an employee, I can provide ASL lessons via Skype or other videocall apps. Email me ( for rates & more details!

Presentations / Workshops

Giving presentations is one of my utmost passion. I will provide 100% accessible presentation in American Sign Language (ASL) or International Sign. Whether you are an organization, school or others, Email me ( for more details and we can discuss further.


Deaf Press

Some of these features & mentions included Lilo, whom I previously shared this blog with. She now has her own travel blog, Deafinitely Without Barriers. If you want to know the reasons, you can read all about it here.

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