Many eyes were following our backs as we walked past by people; some expressions may vary from “that looks so heavy!” to “tsk, you’re going to hurt your back.” We are pretty short, and our backpacks look really big on us. It looked like we packed a person inside instead, haha.

So, what’s in our backpack?!

This is what we packed for two months trip in Asia during a hot humid summer. Although Lilo and I don’t share the exact packing list, we’re sharing what we both packed instead:


1 hat

1 cardigan

5 thin shirts

1 lightweight jeans

2 shorts

1 thin dress

2 bras

4 underwear

4 socks

1 pair of hiking shoes

1 pair of converse shoes

1 pair of flats (for special occasions)


travel sized (TS) shampoo

TS toothpaste & toothbrush


TS deodorant

3 shaving razors

sanitary pads 

TS sunscreen lotion

TS  First Aid Kit

prescription medication

over the counter medication

contact lenses case

TS contact lenses solution

hearing aid batteries

few makeup products


Packing cubes


TS flashlight

water bottle filter

3 padlocks


waterproof cover  for backpack


TS bug repellent spray

TS pillow & blanket

fast-drying towel

powered detergent


universal plug

cell phone & charger

ipad & keyboard & charger

memory hard & usb converter for ipad (to upload photos & videos)



2  batteries

1 charger

2 memory cards

a poncho

TS lightweight tripod


copies of passport, ID, travel insurance, bank, vaccination and other important information

disable/handicap card (in case if you can get discount at tourist attractions)

a small notebook & pen

screenshots of maps, certain words in different languages, etc.


Note that our packing list are not perfect, and we are still learning. We are aware that some things may be unnecessary.

When you’re preparing for your backpacking trip, there will be a lot of sacrifices. You may have to sacrifice bringing your curl iron and other unnecessary things. Additionally, you’ll have to pack small amount of clothes! We will all go through the process of realizing that some things we had packed was unnecessary and learn from it. If you realized that during your trip, you have an option to mail it back home!

Keep in mind that your packing list may change depending on the season. If you’re traveling during winter, you may carry a couple of jackets and scarfs – absolutely not necessary for the hot weather in particular seasons in different countries. Always research! 🙂



We will post soon about what things you will need to bring as Deaf travelers! 🙂

Is there anything you suggest to add to our list, or even comment on what we had packed? If you have any question about our packing list, please feel free!

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  1. Ohhhhhhh boy do I ever over pack. You take less for two months than I manage to pack for 10 days. I need to do much better about this. I end up bringing home a lot of unworn clothes and unused stuff. How do you avoid the “what if I need it and don’t have it” issue?

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