Soon, it would be your turn to finally get to hold the degree right in your hand, move the tassel to the other side and throw your graduation cap in the air – whether you may be nervous what would lie ahead or the unknown, looking forward to the future with goals in your mind or mixture of both.

You’re probably in awe how fast time has passed. Believe me, I know. It was only about 4 years ago when I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. Then what’s next? Are you going to immediately look for a job or purpose further education? Or, are you like me who have a serious case of wanderlust and dying to explore the world after graduation?

If you are like me, you’re probably thinking to decorate your graduation cap something about travel which is why you’re reading this. I personally find it exciting to decorate a graduation cap, to explore your creativity on limited space for you to share with others at graduation. Well, maybe it was because I missed out during my high school graduation.  

I was really ecstatic about it; No doubt it did influenced my decision to make wanderlustin’ graduation cap! I needed travel-theme inspiration and had difficulty to find some for decorating my cap. What I realized was that there were not so many travel-themed graduation cap online. Although I was planning to backpack in Asia for two months during the summer, I was struggling how should I decorate my cap

It took me a while to figure it out, because I don’t want the common travel quotes on my cap. I want to find something meaningful to me. I searched on Google and didn’t find anything. Eventually, Pocahontas popped up on my mind. 

my travel graduation cap

This was my personal graduation cap. A quote was inspired by the film, Pocahontas. She’s my favorite Disney character and I can relate a lot to her (although I eventually found out the real terrible story about her…) This quote gave me a perfect feeling when I was going backpacking for two months in Asia after graduating. 

When struggling to find some ideas, don’t be too hard on yourself. Because all you need is an inspiration.

Ways to get your creativity going!

Do you have a favorite travel quote?

Do you have some travel quotes that you love? It can be something that you’ve seen on the internet, books or even films. 

“The journey is the destination,” “to travel is to live,” “oh darling, let’s be adventurers,” “Not all those who wander are lost,” “we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”

There are several books and films that relate to travel such as Eat Pray Love, Wild, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which is really underrated!) 

But if that is too boring, you can be creative with calligraphy which is pretty much the huge hype nowadays!

You can also create your own travel quote. It can be something that relates exploring, such as the the term that I often would use “Solo tengo un vida” which translate “I only have one life” and would add travel theme, like an airplane or iconic landmarks (Chichen Itza in Mexico).

Is there a specific country that you dream to go to?

Is there a dream destination that you’re dying to go to? You can create iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower of Paris, France. Or make a map of Europe. 

Or use tourism slogan and be creative with it! Such tourism slogan includes The Philippines’ “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” Bahamas’ “Life is grand,” Canada’s “Keep exploring,” Denmark’s “happiest place on earth!” and more (Although some countries’ tourism slogan is quite cheesy or weird). You can be creative with their slogan and make your own, such as “Going to the happiest place on earth, and no, that’s not Disney” and include Denmark’s landmark or any other country. 

Is there a destination that you will volunteer or study abroad? You can make something about that! 

Maybe this section wasn’t really helpful, was it? Well, say hello to…


Instagram is a huge thing nowadays. You can find several things here through hashtags, although it’s pretty difficult to find specific hashtag relating to travel theme graduation caps. There aren’t much hashtags relating to this, unfortunately. But here is a tip, you can start your own hashtag while you’re at it. Who knows? You might even get that hashtag viral since traveling is a huge hype nowadays too. However, there are couple of general Instagram hashtags that you can explore and find inspiration! 

Instagram hashtags that you can search:

#gradcap, #gradcapart, #gradcapdecor, #gradcapideas, #paintedgradcap, #decoratedgradcap, #graduationcap, #customgradcaps, #graduationcapdecoration, #graduationcapdesign

Trust me, you’ll find something there! There are many beautiful graduation caps. The popular ones are painted graduation cap or decorated with calligraphy.


Pinterest is actually an easier way to find specific images relating to travel graduation caps! However, don’t expect to find a worst of 10 pages or more to explore more options. 

In the search bar, you can type: graduation cap travel, graduation cap travel theme, graduation cap traveling, graduation cap travel decoration, graduation cap world.

If you want something more general to think outside the box, you can put “graduation cap ideas” instead.

The con of this website is that you will need to sign up to explore further, but it’s free! What I like about Pinterest is that you can collect images and categorized them into your board on your profile. You can leave it public or a secret if you want to surprise and impress your peers.

But what if you are not an artist?

Not everyone is an artist! I’m quite a terrible one, even 11 years old questioned my skills when I was drawing stick figures on the white board while I was teaching. And if you’re not an artist or don’t trust yourself to make something on your graduation cap, that’s okay! Here are some extra tips for you.

Ask someone you know.

You can ask someone you know who is an artist and ask them to do it for you. You can buy all supplies you need and ask the artist to make it for you. If that person is willing to do it for free, you can offer to buy a drink or a meal. Or maybe that person will ask you to pay, and if that is so, I recommend to buy the art supplies yourself that fit within your budget so you won’t get charged extra! Certain stores you can go to get art supplies are JOANNMichael’sHobby Lobby or even some drugstores like Walmart and Target


If you can’t find someone you know, there is where Etsy may come in handy! Etsy is an online site where people sells their handmade or vintage items. There are many amazing Etsy sellers! And yes, there are some artists who makes graduation caps, even customized ones! This sometimes can pretty pricey, comparing to finding someone you personally know. In addition, there is a cost when they ship it to you. If you are not too worry about the cost, Etsy is good alternative choice. 

On the website, you can search: graduation cap design, graduation cap custom, or graduation cap decoration. 

There are some lovely owners that I’ve found for you guys. The LetterlyForeverWhitneyYoungJoyfulJourneyCo and you can find more as you explore. 


Yes, Instagram again. You can find some amazing artists who can make a customized graduation cap for you! 

You can find some artists through this hashtag: #customgradcaps. Through this hashtag, I’ve some few artists like Camilla_Creations & her hashtag #camillacreations, Ninashandcrafted & her hashtag #nggradcaps, gradcapsbybreezy_scand lastly but not least, Letter_me_lovely. I could just go on and on but those are what I’ve found! 

There are probably many more ways to find inspiration, such as exploring your own city or talking with someone about travel but these tips here are a good start for you to find ideas to decorate your grad cap! 

Don’t stress yourself out too much and have fun creating a graduation cap! This moment is huge for you because you’re about to finish this chapter of your life and begin a new chapter too!

Cheers to your future!

travel themed graduation cap

Are you graduating soon? What have you decided?!

What are you looking foward to after graduating? Did you get any idea yet for your graduation cap? Share your thoughts/feelings in the comment below! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love these so so much!! Unfortunately, my college doesn’t do caps & gowns for graduation.

    1. Oh wow, what college did you go to? That is unfortunate but you can always make art for your wall 😉 thanks for reading

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation even though it is one year late! I would have loved to travel and backpack my way around south east asia if I had the money and the means when I graduated.

    Your curated graduated cap design are all unique and awesome. I love your Pocahontas inspired design complete with colorful feathers.

    Happy travels!

    1. Why thank you! And it’s never too late for anyone to travel 😉 When there is a will, there’s a way 🙂

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