A tall tower’s light ignite the beautiful sky of Seoul on the top of the hill that is called, N Seoul Tower/Namsan Tower. With its astonishing beauty, Namsan mountain flourished with locals and foreigners alike. N Seoul Towel became a symbol of Seoul. It became a common place to do leisure and see panoramic views of Seoul. At the top of the hill, love is in the air. A metal statue of LOVE was established in heart shaped form. Locals and foreigners around the world brought padlocks that symbolize their love to lock it on the fences, LOVE metal heart-shaped statue and other areas. Last but not least, there are couple of other activities, such as jogging and entertainment (shows/events).

N Seoul Towel was one of the places that I just have to go ever since I saw it in Korean dramas. Yes, I admit I watch Korean dramas; although, I believe there’s nothing to be ashamed about it.





Lilo and I took the round-trip trolley ride for 8,500 Won (~$7). We wanted to hike, but we didn’t have the time for it since we needed to go to other places afterward. When we arrived, there are still couple of stairs to walk up to the Namsan Park. Finally, at the top, numerous of people were spotted jogging, trying on traditional Korean dresses, taking selfies and fastening their love locks on the fences. Many seemed to be puzzled by Lilo’s Gopro on her forehead for filming and taking photos. It seemed that they never seen or heard about GoPros.





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We didn’t have a padlock to fasten the love for our love ones. I’m sure there are couple of padlocks that express love not just for their partner but for their family and friends as well. To save more money, bring your own padlock to fasten your love 😉

When we want to take picture together, it can be difficult to take pictures with my DSLR camera – despite the fact that Lilo owns a GoPro which can easily selfies/usies. I just wanted my own photos as well. Therefore, what we tend to do is we gestured “picture” “us” with an expression of asking a question to certain people. People at Namsan were generous to take couple of photos of us.

inside the statue
artistic benches and padlock trees
the artistic bench



After exploring around, we felt the vibration boom, boom, boom off our body and a distant sound of drums. People were gathering around at the stairs to take a seat to watch an upcoming show. I squealed with excitement since I’d love to see a different cultural shows. They did various of skills, such sword, music and this one:


When the show ended, I saw group of women trying on traditional Korean dresses. They were squealing with delight and swirling their dresses happily. This is one of my favorite moments of that day – how they were happy over a simple and smallest thing. I was fascinated with that moment and couldn’t resist taking photos:



Just look at their faces: happiness. This moment gave me a fortunate feelings with what I have, even the simplest things.

Namsan Park, where N Seoul Tower is located, is a great place. We went there around in the early afternoon, although we suggest you to go during the time to catch the sunset, watching how the city slowly turns on the light and when the iconic tower bright up in the sky.

How to get there:

Exit Myeongdong Station or Hoehyon Station. You can either hike or take the cable car.

It is highly recommend it to check it out when you’re in South Korea, especially those who love Korean dramas! Any Korean dramas fan here? 🙂

Would you visit this place? If you had, how was it?



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