Welcome to The Pink Hole – wait, the pink what?

“Let’s go to The Pink Hole,” Lilo said. “The Pink…what?” I felt confused. “The Pink Hole, it’s a private gay club in Seoul.” “The pink…hole? hahaha, oooh wow,” I thought that name was brilliant if you know what I mean. I’ve been to a couple of gay clubs in Los Angeles and really enjoyed it; however, I’m […]

The conversation that I lost track of

Holding a map of Seoul, we were planning which destination should we go next. We were standing next to the wall, avoiding the crazy stampede of people who was walking past us in different directions to catch their subway rides. As foreigners, we looked as if we were lost and trying to figure out how […]

Meeting Deaf People in Other Countries – 2015

My goal is not only consist of exploring around the world for sightseeings, licking my fingers off after meals and learning more about other cultures. Through traveling, I want to explore and learn more about my Deaf culture across countries. After meeting Deaf people in different countries during my backpacking trip in 2014, it opened up a whole new perspective. Deaf culture is no […]

Visiting the world’s most heavily fortified border: The DMZ

Further in the distance, the Imjingak Railroad Bridge ran across the river, connecting to its greenish mountains which flaunt its beauty. “Is that really North Korea?” I signed to my Deaf Korean friend. “Yes, if we go any further, we would see North Korea right up close,” he said.  We were standing on the observation pavilion in Imjingak. […]

Meeting Deaf People in Other Countries – 2014

Before Lilo and I began our backpacking journey in 2014, we were discussing about our different personal wishes. We came up with ideas: we had to meet different Deaf people around the world. “We’ll hunt for them if we had to,” we jokingly said. If you didn’t know, my fellow readers, other countries do NOT sign the […]