Meeting Deaf People in Other Countries – 2014

Before Lilo and I began our backpacking journey in 2014, we were discussing about our different personal wishes. We came up with ideas: we had to meet different Deaf people around the world. “We’ll hunt for them if we had to,” we jokingly said. If you didn’t know, my fellow readers, other countries do NOT sign the […]

10 Reasons Why Japan is Amazing

The thought of visiting Japan made us cringe, because we heard how expensive it can be. Last year, we were on budget prior our trips, wondering if we will able to make Japan into our itinerary. We debated for couple of weeks whether we should visit Japan or not. Luckily, Lilo found a flight ticket that cost […]

A Whole New World: Tokyo DisneySea

Since we were visiting Tokyo, Japan, we thought,” We just have to visit Disneyland in Tokyo” Especially since Stacey and I are big Disney fans and have been to Disneyland in California countless of time. So, we were able to include it in our 3 days in Tokyo itinerary. As I was doing my research, […]

Hanging with These Hooties at Fukuro No Mise

Japan is known for their bizarre creativity which helps boost up their economy. One of Japan’s popular creativity is animal cafes, such as rabbit or cat cafe. Animal cafes are flourishing in Japan and became a popular visit. However, some trends, such as cat cafe, became bygone as time passed by. This is where the owl cafes […]

Oh Deer, There is Something About Miyajima Island

Prior to arriving Japan, Stacey and I had discussed about getting the JR pass and where we wanted to go. Hiroshima was a must for us but after researching, we had learned about a little island called Miyajima Island. Miyajima Island, home to Itsukushima shrine, is considered to be one of the sacred shrine to […]