Meeting Deaf People Around the World | 2018 | Part 2

meet deaf people world

The year of 2018 was a huge year for me. I decided to do slow traveling for a year straight with my partner after finishing graduate school, packed everything into my 40L backpack and told mi anxious mama, “Porque solo tengo una vida, ma.”

Being discriminated by Scoot airline because I am Deaf

My heart was beating fast as I was looking at this woman’s eyes in fire. Trying my best to hold myself back, probably my knuckles were whitening from holding my hands into fists. “You can talk! You can talk!!!” she shouted angrily repeatedly at my friend and I. I’ve experienced discrimination, even with other airlines, […]

Cancun made me feel that I was not Mexican enough

Apparently, I wasn’t Mexican enough.  A Mayan mosaic mask caught my attention at the local store in Cancun, Mexico. I was looking at it closely as I turned it around at different angles – debating whether should I buy it as a souvenir. I suddenly felt a strange sensation there was someone standing behind me. […]

Is “Hearing Impaired” an appropriate term?

People often believe that saying “Deaf” is an offensive term. But let me tell you, it’s not. Saying “hearing impaired” is. While I was traveling, I wasn’t only learning about other people’s culture and their perspectives about life. I was bringing along my own too. You see, we often talked about what we’ll learn more […]

An interview with Deaf Planet Soul: Helping Deaf Refugees in Lebanon

When people become refugees, what is the first thing on their mind? SURVIVAL For survival, they need food, water and a place to stay. Due to the war and bombings, the number of refugees children becoming Deaf keeps climbing. Because they are so focused on surviving, language is often the last priority. 99% of the […]

The door wouldn’t budge: stranded for 5 days at Crater Lake National Park

Not having the ability to hear, and then not having an ability see to call for help? That’s the scariest part.   “This got to be a joke,” I told myself after realizing I was trapped inside the public bathroom at Crater Lake National Park. Trapped by the snowstorm. My boyfriend, Jason, and I had […]