10 things to consider packing as a Deaf & Hard of Hearing traveler

Are you a Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing (HH) who loves to travel? But you don’t know what to pack? Had you been researching different pieces of advice and tips about traveling? But have you noticed something? Here is the problem, my Deaf friends, the majority of travel bloggers are Hearings. (note: we have ASL version here.) Although we […]

Devil’s Head Lookout, Colorado

The best way to see 360º panorama view of Colorado is the Devil’s Head Lookout. The minute I stepped off the airplane in Colorado, I immediately fell in love. The fresh air outside and the beautiful scenery. What’s not there to like about Colorado? However, I knew there was so much more to Colorado than […]

Welcome to The Pink Hole – wait, the pink what?

“Let’s go to The Pink Hole,” Lilo said. “The Pink…what?” I felt confused. “The Pink Hole, it’s a private gay club in Seoul.” “The pink…hole? hahaha, oooh wow,” I thought that name was brilliant if you know what I mean. I’ve been to a couple of gay clubs in Los Angeles and really enjoyed it; however, I’m […]

What is in our backpack?

Many eyes were following our backs as we walked past by people; some expressions may vary from “that looks so heavy!” to “tsk, you’re going to hurt your back.” We are pretty short, and our backpacks look really big on us. It looked like we packed a person inside instead, haha. So, what’s in our backpack?! This […]

Visiting the world’s most heavily fortified border: The DMZ

Further in the distance, the Imjingak Railroad Bridge ran across the river, connecting to its greenish mountains which flaunt its beauty. “Is that really North Korea?” I signed to my Deaf Korean friend. “Yes, if we go any further, we would see North Korea right up close,” he said.  We were standing on the observation pavilion in Imjingak. […]