The door wouldn’t budge: stranded for 5 days at Crater Lake National Park

Not having the ability to hear, and then not having an ability see to call for help? That’s the scariest part.   “This got to be a joke,” I told myself after realizing I was trapped inside the public bathroom at Crater Lake National Park. Trapped by the snowstorm. My boyfriend, Jason, and I had […]

Meeting Deaf People in Other Countries – 2015

My goal is not only consist of exploring around the world for sightseeings, licking my fingers off after meals and learning more about other cultures. Through traveling, I want to explore and learn more about my Deaf culture across countries. After meeting Deaf people in different countries during my backpacking trip in 2014, it opened up a whole new perspective. Deaf culture is no […]

The Beauty of Oak Alley Plantation

When you see a beautiful place through Instagram or other social media, do your eyes glisten or do your jaws drop to the floor at just stunning sight of it? I know this, because, of course like many others, I’m one of them. Whenever I find pictures of beautiful places, I always find myself writing […]

Honey Islands: The Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

To be quite honest, Louisiana was never on my top priorities to visit. I once doubted myself years ago that it would be impossible for me to visit all 50 states, including Louisiana. Other than knowing about the famous Mardi Gras and bourbon street in New Orleans due to the media, I used to think […]

What You Can Ask When Meeting Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing People

It’s no doubt that many Hearing people (referring to those who are not Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing) raised a lot of questions in their mind when they saw Lilo and I signing publicly whilst traveling last summer or earlier this summer. Actually, it even still occurs in our own country, in USA. We’re accustomed to the fact that […]

Meeting Deaf People in Other Countries – 2014

Before Lilo and I began our backpacking journey in 2014, we were discussing about our different personal wishes. We came up with ideas: we had to meet different Deaf people around the world. “We’ll hunt for them if we had to,” we jokingly said. If you didn’t know, my fellow readers, other countries do NOT sign the […]