Best Hidden Gems of Colorado

Note: This was written by Lilo, whom I previously shared a travel blog with. She now has her own travel blog, follow her adventure here! “Wait, what’s in Colorado?” One day, I was browsing online and saw a deal for $15 one way flight ticket to Colorado from LAX and back. I literally texted my […]

You Shall Not Skip the Taroko National Park

If it wasn’t for learning Chinese and watching Taiwanese dramas (guilty pleasure), I probably wouldn’t have heard about a city of Hualien, or even consider Taiwan as one of my top priorities to visit in Asia. Hualien (花蓮) is a city located eastern side of Taiwan, a city that you shouldn’t pass when exploring Taiwan. […]

The Beauty of Oak Alley Plantation

When you see a beautiful place through Instagram or other social media, do your eyes glisten or do your jaws drop to the floor at just stunning sight of it? I know this, because, of course like many others, I’m one of them. Whenever I find pictures of beautiful places, I always find myself writing […]

Honey Islands: The Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

To be quite honest, Louisiana was never on my top priorities to visit. I once doubted myself years ago that it would be impossible for me to visit all 50 states, including Louisiana. Other than knowing about the famous Mardi Gras and bourbon street in New Orleans due to the media, I used to think […]

Hola Cancun: A Photo Diary

                                         How was your experience in Cancun? If you haven’t been there, would you go?

A Night to Remember: Joshua Tree

Recently a friend had invited Stacey and I to join her and her family for a night of camping at Joshua Tree National Park. Of course, Stacey and I enthusiastically accepted the invitation.  We were excited to go back to Joshua Tree because of its stunning beauty filled with boulders and trees so we got to […]