It was only a year ago when we had our first day in Japan! Well, it was technically our second day since we landed the night before in Osaka. In order to explore Japan as much as we can, we had a seven days Japan Rail Pass. Since we had such a short time period, we were literally on the move every day. So right after we got our JR pass, we jumped on the first train from Osaka to Hiroshima (~3 hours ride).

After we had spent the whole afternoon in Hiroshima where we got to visit the museum, we decided to visit a underrated gem, Miyajima Island where we got to see the whole herd of mischievous deers and the beautiful Great Torii.


Since we had such a busy day scrambling everywhere, we didn’t have a chance to eat a good decent meal. So by the end of the day, we were starving. Exhausted and hungry, we decided to stop by a restaurant before we headed back to Osaka.


Because we had thought with our damn stomach and not our brain, we actually didn’t stop to think about the time for the last train. After we ate happily, we went back to the train ticket office and that’s when the employer had gestured “no,” stating that there are no more train running for the night.

Um what? So, the worst had happened….

We got stranded in Hiroshima!

Stacey’s first response? She laughed! and I looked at her stunned with my jaws opened. Are you seriously laughing, Stacey?! Instinctively, we got nervous and became worried about what to do next.

We started to panic, because we left our backpack with clothes and everything back with our couchsurf host in Osaka. As we looked around where to stay, we discovered that hotels were just way too expensive and couldn’t contact other couchsurfers. So what did we do?

We decided to be homeless for the night.

What a night! So much had happened throughout the night that words can’t even be best described!  Check out our YouTube video where we can show you what happened! Click the link to watch the video:

homeless in hiroshima japan TITLEresize

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  1. Hiroshima was one of my favorite stops in Japan. Miyajima, peace park, and just the overall vibe was so great.

    Can’t believe you got stuck and were homeless in Japan!

  2. Oh man! We think with our stomachs way too often but this has yet to happen to us (knock on wood). There were a few close calls, funny enough in Japan, as we just never knew when the last train was either!! Glad it all worked out in the end…even if it was an uncomfortable, homeless night!

  3. I can’t imagine being stranded without my luggage in a different country! Pretty smart to suck it up and make the most of it! These are usually the times when you have the best adventures.

  4. Sounds crazy!! Ive actually had the same thing happen to me in London though, and at least I can promise you you only make that mistake once in your life!!! At least though while you may have been homeless for the night you were well fed 😀 ANd you do have a crazy story out of the whole ordeal. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Japan!

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