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So, you’re looking for resources for your travel! Great, you’re preparing for your trips. Sometimes things can be overwhelming but one step at the time! In this page, you’ll find the resources that I’ve used for my travel. There are actually so many more resources than what I’ve listed here; however, I am only listening the ones that I find it best AND that I actually experienced it or used it. 

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links. This means that if you’ve purchased something through here, I may/may not earn a commission. This is a small income that can help me to invest and maintain my blog. Don’t worry, you will not have any extra fees, I promise you. Shall if this bothers you, please feel free to search it up on your own!  

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Looking for sweet (cheap) flight deals?

This site allows you to view a whole month instead of only specifying dates to travel. 

It’s always good to compare! If you like to track a flight, it will send you email alerts. 

It finds super cheap flights, gateways and  fares that can be mistakably cheap.  

This bunny will tell you when is a good time to purchase your flight ticket!  

Land Transportation

Need to take a bus in USA, Canada or Europe? This is it! And it can be so cheeeeaap when you book ahead of time!

Your personal driver who can take you where you need to go. If you’re new, use promo code “staceyv109ui” to get $10 credit

If you are traveling in Asia and want to look alternative option of Uber, Grab is your sweet buddy.

Want to look for really cheap car rentals? Check this out, no really. I found several cheap rates here!



Are you on a budget and want to meet many other travelers like you? This is it! You can sleep in dorm or private room. Some hostels can be pretty cheap! 


Feeling meh and don’t want to spend time with other travelers? You can book an entire place or just a private room at the locals’ home/apartment! 


Want to forget ridiculously expensive hotels where you won’t be there for most of the time? Several places here are cheaper! 


A site where you can meet and make new friends at the host’s for free! They can guide you around or even just to chill with you.

Money Talk!

Travel Rewards Credit Card

Travel Debit Card

Travel Insurance

Get it. You’re not a superhero who can’t get hurt or have nothing ever happen to you.

I’m honestly not keen to the idea of spending more money but something CAN happen. Whatever if I lost my luggage, got my things stolen by the monkeys or have a medical emergency. This travel insurance will protect yo ass (for most things).  

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