Japan is known for their bizarre creativity which helps boost up their economy. One of Japan’s popular creativity is animal cafes, such as rabbit or cat cafe. Animal cafes are flourishing in Japan and became a popular visit. However, some trends, such as cat cafe, became bygone as time passed by. This is where the owl cafes came in. Owl cafe became a new trend in Japan.

When Lilo and I found out about the owl cafes, we knew we must grab this opportunity despite the fact that it is out of our budget. Many may see that there’s nothing special about encountering domesticated owls; however, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. Out of all owl cafes, we settled with Fukuro No Mise.

Fukuro No Mise Entry Process :

*Reservation is required* You cannot book it in advance which means you cannot reserve your spot via online or phone. This requires work in order to reserve your spot: an hour before they open, the staff will begin taking your name. You must go directly to Fukuro No Mise to line up at least an hour or few hours early before they start filling in the time slots. A person can reserve only one hour time slot. One-hour time slots begins from the moment the door open until the store closes. This means there are couple of one-hour time slots that only allow a set of 10 people to enter for that particular hour. It is basically first come, first serve. If the store at 2PM, you might get a 4PM time slot, depending where you are in the line. If you are past the closing time, better luck next time!

Lilo and I arrived around 11am to line up and waited for the next two hours before the staff come out to take our names. While waiting, we took turn to walk around the stores nearby to see if we can grab some snacks. By the time they finally accepting reservation, we were reserved for 5PM-6PM time slot. That was the last hour of the store operation hours!


While you get your time slot reservation fill in, you’ll have to pay 2,000 YEN (approximately ~$16-20) upfront – although the price might have changed by now (Lilo and I went during August 2014). 2,000 yen also includes one drink from their menu. It is quite expensive for hanging out with these hoots and have just one small drink, but it is also quite understandable because the money contribute to the care of these domesticated owls.



Do arrive about 5 minutes or earlier before your reservation; otherwise, if you did not show up within 15 minutes, your reservation will be canceled. When it is your turn to come in, they will guide you to the table and give out drinks menu. You are required to order one drink. I wasn’t quite sure what to order since I’m not a coffee-lover, but I decided to go ahead with Strawberry Ole. It wasn’t quite bad. While they are making your order, they will explain the rules:

No Flash.

If it isn’t in a good mood, then don’t bother. Just leave it alone.

Hold the string, don’t let it go.

Don’t tease them.

Do only pet on the head and the back.

Ask permission first before picking one up.

Do ask the staff to get the owl off you

NO filming.



1 Chome-27-9 Tsukishima Chuo, Tokyo, Japan


exit at Tsukishima Station


Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

Wednesday & Thursday 2pm – 6pm

Friday, 2pm – 9pm

Saturday, 12pm – 9pm

Sunday, 12pm – 6pm


By the time we came in for our reservation, many wide eyes were glaring from everywhere, either tilting their head or looking turning their head 360 degree around. It was rather somewhat a small room where a set of people plus the staff is a little crowded inside. We were supposed to pay attention when the staff was explaining the rules, but there were no point for us because we’re Deaf. Additionally, the staff was speaking in Japanese, so we didn’t bother try reading lips. English speaking staff will happen only on Fridays. We went on a Wednesday back in August 2014. Instead of attempting to read the staff’s lips from our seats, we looked around to see the owls. The owls that first caught our attention are these two (far left and far right):


The white/black owl appeared to be powerful and strong, causing the little one on the right to feel intimidated.  I mean just look at these faces:




Due to feeling threaten by that powerful one, this little one puff itself up – attempting to make itself looks bigger and stronger. We couldn’t stop gushing over how cute the little one is.



Lilo and I couldn’t help but to rescue this little owl to have an excuse to cuddle with it. While we were cuddling with this cute owl, it couldn’t take off its eyes off the big powerful one.


There were several diffferent breeds, such as barn owl. We were little worried if they tried to bite us with their strong beak, but luckily, that didn’t happen. Beware that they might poop on you, and do remain calm. Fortunately, we didn’t get pooped on.



See how its eyes was squinting? It doesn’t seem to be in a good mood. It was tired due to several encounter with people from previous time slots. Therefore, we were told by a woman who gestured “No” to pick up this little one. I left it alone but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it due to how it was squinting its eyes.


Barn Owl



This face (from picture above) looked as if it was asking, “Hoot are you?” (:

An hour passed by fast before you knew it. So, take a lot of pictures! Overall, it was a magnificent experience! We recommend going to the owl cafe if you like animal encounter. How can you resist these babies?

Would you go to the owl cafe? If you already went, how was your experience?

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    1. Thank you for being honest! That’s quite alright. (: Everyone has their own opinions (: Some of my family aren’t quite fond of owls either! These owls here are domesticated!


    1. It was a great experience! They also have rabbit cafes! 😉 Thank you for reading our post!

  1. I’ve always heard of cafe’s like these, but never been inside one. Interesting to say the least. The last picture with the owl staring at you is awesome! The caption is perfect for it!

    1. haha, thank you! I love its face when was staring, so I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it. Animal cafes are really unique and interesting businesses. You should try it out when you visit Japan! There’s owl, cat, dog, goat and rabbit cafe! Thank you for reading our post!

  2. It looks like an incredible experience. I don’t get to have animals around me often (I’m allergic to dogs and cats), so I would definitely jump on this. This is a great post— very informative and entertaining. Harry Potter got it right with his snowy white owl 🙂 I just wouldn’t have one for a pet.

    1. Indeed it was an incredible experience! That’s great that you’ll jump into this experience! I’m not sure if you’re allergric to rabbits, but there are also rabbit cafes too! Harry Potter, yes!! I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter 😉 Thank you for reading our post!

  3. Oh my gosh, what an experience! But I agree that it is a lot of work to have to stand in line for hours for a reservation. I wonder why they don’t take reservations online? If I visit Japan I would love to visit an animal cafe!

    1. Exactly, I’m not sure why they don’t take reservation online too. Hopefully they will consider that in the future (: Yes, do visit! It’s a unique experience. There are also cat and rabbit cafes 😉

    1. haha, I was surprised as well when I heard about it! It was an interesting experience! Thank you for reading our post!

  4. This is AWESOME!!! Oh my gosh. Need to go here. I need to find a Hedwig replica immediately. I love owls. I made my own owl mug, I have owls on my pajamas, I have an owl notebook, owl salt and pepper shakers, and an owl clock . . . basically I’m a freak for owls and need to go here ASAP.

    1. Nice to know that you’re a huge owl fan! I love owls too! I don’t have many owls stuff but I have few of them. I have a Hedwig plushie 😉 Since you’re a huge fan, going to this owl cafe could definitely make your day! Thank you for reading our post!

  5. This is so cool! I’ve heard of bunny cafes and cat cafes, but an owl cafe? I need to go to all of them! I need an owl to give me some wisdom. Though it probably goes against a million codes, I hope the west adopts some of these ideas!

    1. I was surprised when I found out too! So, I knew I just had to go since I love owls and Harry Potter series! Haha, yeah! It would probably goes against a million codes, but it would be nice to have at least a few in the west! (: Thank you for reading our post!

    1. That’s cool that you did it in South Africa! I’m glad to know that you had that experience! (: thank you for reading our post!

  6. Ohh I just have to love the people in japan 😀 great idea 🙂 but I am not sure if I would go there, I really would be scared that one of them might poop on me xD

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