The best way to see 360º panorama view of Colorado is the Devil’s Head Lookout.

Top of Devil’s Head Lookout!

The minute I stepped off the airplane in Colorado, I immediately fell in love. The fresh air outside and the beautiful scenery. What’s not there to like about Colorado? However, I knew there was so much more to Colorado than just Denver, so my friends and I researched and planned the whole 2 weeks of road trip and camping from Colorado to Utah and back to Colorado.

As soon as we got our rental car early in the morning, we headed out to Pike National Park. Since it’s only an hour and half drive from Denver, we were hoping to make it early so we can take a hike up to Devil’s Head and see the sunset.

It wasn’t such an easy access for us though. It turned out that there are two ways to get to the Devil’s Head Lookout.

The first route we took was actually made for 4×4 cars and mountain biking. We had a car rental: Hyundai Accent 2015, which is not 4×4 car. It wasn’t until we were far up that we realized that we weren’t going to make it through. We had to go all the way back down to find another way to get into Sedalia Park with an easier access.

Don’t make the same mistake we did when we first use google map!

If you see this, you are going the wrong way!

Finally with wifi and some help from the locals, we were able to find the right way to get into the campground. The direction to use for Sedalia Park is:

From Sedalia along US 85 south of Denver, take CO 67 west for 12 miles to Rampart Range Road. The intersection is well marked. Take Rampart Range Road 11 miles to the turnout for Devil’s Head Lookout and campground. Follow the signs and veer right to the tower trailhead.

Since it was already late afternoon, we had no choice but to set up camp. Man, we found the perfect spot though. Not only were we were able to stargaze from our campsite at night, but it is still just as beautiful looking out during the day.

The best spot near our campsite
Photo belongs to Jeff Leelaporn
Photo belongs to Jeff Leelaporn

Early, freezing morning, we finally got ready for our first activity for Devil’s Head Lookout. Keep in mind, we just landed the day before. So, we weren’t properly prepared for the altitude which, we really should have taken it into consideration at first.

The hike is 1.4 miles one way with the elevation of 940′. When you get to the top of the trail, you must take an additional 143 stair steps to get to the actual lookout. However, before you go to the top, read the rules listed below.

Rules for Devil’s Head Lookout
Hiking up 143 steps!
Devil’s Head Lookout

Aside with a bit of altitude sickness and the stairs, it was definitely worth it. It’s literally breath-taking.

Gorgeous view of Colorado

I was able to talk with the friendly park ranger, Bill Ellis who had worked there for over 31 summers. He understood that we are Deaf, so he was very patient with me and answered all my questions. He showed me vintage photographs of Devil’s Head tower and even gave me many pamphlets so I can learn more about the Lookout.

He explained that originally, people had to literally rock climb and use ropes to get to the top. The Devil’s Head lookout station was first established in 1912 and was accessible through ladders. It wasn’t until 1919 when they added the stairs and reconstructed the tower that is used today. Almost 100 years old!

The reason the lookout was established so that rangers can spot fires miles away especially during the summer months.

yay! here’s my certification

Devil’s Head Lookout is one of the hidden gems in Colorado, so it’s perfect for those who wants to escape the city for a day. It’s also one of the last lookouts used today that still has rangers service. If you also could camp there, I would really recommend it, because you really can see all the beautiful stars there and even possibly the milky way.


Would you visit Devil’s Head Lookout?


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  1. Wow, this place does look totally awesome. As a hiker and a lover of nature, I would love to check this area out. The views looks amazing.

  2. Amazing pictures. It looks like you had a good time! I like the fact that dogs are allowed. I know a lot of national parks etc where dogs are not allowed to enter, because they could disturb wildlife.

  3. Nature, hiking, fresh air, amazing landscapes, this place have it all that anyone could ask for. Oh, and a sky full of stars. I’m in love. Also it’s great that there is opportunity to camp even for free. Thanks for the tip/.

  4. Yes! Would love to visit Devil’s Head Lookout! It really has the most incredible views and I love looking at all of your photos, I can only imagine how much more breathtaking it would be to actually see it in person! Great tips as well, especially for the camping as I would definitely have to stay to see the stars and maybe the milky way at night! What an experience!!

  5. I have never been to Colorado but the nature scene is truly breathtaking. I cannot wait to explore it for myself, hopefully later this year. I’m not familiar with Devils Head Lookout but after seeing your photos, I definitely want to go there!

  6. Looks incredible! I absolutely love the photo of you looking at the stars. I’m not hugely bothered about travelling to the US but posts like this make me think twice!

  7. What a pain that you had to turn around to go back and get a new car! But totally worth it by the looks of things, what an incredible lookout point. I love places like this where you can breathe in the fresh air and really take in nature at its finest. Beautiful! This looks like a terrifying climb but I would do it!

  8. I haven’t been to Colorado yet, but it looks so beautiful there! This looks like an awesome hike and a great place to set up camp for a night or two!! Thanks for sharing helpful tips about getting there and the cost.

  9. This looks like an amazing place to visit. It s a beautiful place to hike. I will make sure to visit it next time I am in Colorado.

  10. We enjoy hiking as well, but after a long day in the great outdoors, I’m ready for a nice hot shower and comfortable bed. But when I was your age, I would have taken you up on the offer of free camping 🙂

  11. The fact that it’s just 11 miles from rampart range road to devil’s head was pretty amazing…One can cover both the places easily! The picture with the stars is amazing!…The tips mentioned at the end will be surely helpful!!

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