Sign language for Nicaragua

I’ve visited during August 2016 for two weeks. I’ve visited San Juan Del Sur, Ometepe, Granada, Masaya and Leon.

  • the biggest country in central america
  • It is currently relatively cheap to travel in Nicaragua 
  • There are many volcanos that you can see and even slide on one of them! 
  • Best time to visit: Between November to April
  • Popular places: Playa del sur, Granada, Masaya, Leon, Corn Islands, etc.
  • They are very family-orientated and believe that family is a value in their culture
  • One of the Latin American countries that say “vos” instead of “tu” (“you” in English) 
  • When greeting, they just a smile and say “hola” or “mucho gusto.” But for someone closer or familiar, a hug and cheek kiss is the norm
  • Nicaraguan people are generally are not punctual and are laidback. 
  • They do not point things with their fingers but with their mouth
  • Idioma de Señas de Nicaragua (ISL), also known as Nicaraguan sign language
  • Sign language was practically developed by Deaf children, not adults
  • Deaf school was never established until 1977
  • Before the 1970s, Deaf people rarely meet each other. There were no established Deaf community for them to get together
  • There is a group of Deaf employees working at Cafe de las Sonrisas. You can see the video here
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