Sign Language for Nepal

I’ve been to LumbiniPokhara, Chitwan and Kathmandu. I’ve stayed for a month (slow traveling) during month of March – April 2018. 

  • A perfect destination for hikers, nature and cultural lovers
  • Their year is different (not 2018), and it is currently the year of 2074 in accordance to their luni-solar Vikram Samvat calendar (unlike the Gregorian calendar)
  • There are no trains in Nepal! You can take buses (local mini vans or tourist buses), motorbiking, taxi or flights (Yeti airlines, Buddha Air, etc.) 
  • Popular places to visit:  Pokhara, Kathmandu, Annapurna trekking, Mount Everest Base camp trekking, Lumbini (claimed to be a birthplace of Buddha) and more.
  • Public display of affection (PDA) is uncomfortable and/or offensive to them
  • Very hospitable
  • Dress modestly
  • Generally, they are not punctual
  • They see “fat” as being healthy (a compliment), not meant as an insult
  • Do not compare Nepalese to Indians 
  • Nepali do not like public confrontation or show anger or raising voice in public
  • To be more formal or respectful (especially with elders), add ‘ji’ to the end of someone’s name. 
  • If you are offered a tea, do not reject it and accept it as a gracious gesture
  • They have a strong emphasis on cleanliness, they believe that left hand and feet are dirty. So don’t hand something over with a left hand or touch anyone with your feet since they see it as degrading 
  • Do not touch their head as they considered as a purest part of the body 
  • You cannot share utensils, cups or food with others, they considered it as very dirty 
  • Nepali Sign Language (NSL)
  • There are many local indigenous sign languages in remote areas or villages. 
  • Some Hearing Nepalese see Deaf people (or other people who are differently abled*) were born or became disabled as a punishment for sins in their previous lives
  • Some families see being Deaf as an embarrassment and would sometimes hide them
  • Some Deaf Nepalis do not show facial expressions as it is part of their cultural norm
  • Many receive little to no education
  • There are only have about ~20 NSL interpreters nationwide 
  • Deaf Organizations: Kathmandu Association of the Deaf, National Deaf Federation Nepal, Gandaki Association of the Deaf (GAD)
  • Deaf schools: Naxal School for the Deaf (first school for the Deaf), Central Higher Secondary school for the Deaf,  Sindhuli Deaf School. 
  • Deaf related businesses: The Bakery CafeSam’s One Tree Café.
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