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I visited Japan for 9 days during August 2014. I’ve been to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Mijyama islands.

  • Japan can be expensive but not impossible to try budgeting.
  • It is one of the safest countries in the world and the most politest people in the world – children even can go around without adult supervision 
  • There are millions of vending machines around that sell everything, such as beer & sodas, umbrellas, condoms, hotdogs, etc.
  •  There are many interesting and bizarre places, like maid cafe, robot restaurant, owl cafe, etc. 
  • Best time to visit: spring (March to May) and autumn (Sept. to November)
  • They emphasizes the importance of harmony, politeness, formality / respectfulness, patience and modesty in their culture.
  • Their last name is usually addressed than their first name. 
  • Appearing modest or humble when receiving compliments is appropriate whereas if they accept it too quickly or willingly, it appears conceited.
  • When sick, it is expected that one wears a face mask. 
  • Shoes must be taken off when entering someone’s place, look or ask politely where to put away your shoes
  • Generally, instead of shaking hands upon greetings, they give a slight bow. However, a bow will be different depending upon different circumstances like expressing an apology or gratitude (deep bow) or business interactions. 
  • Japanese Sign Language (JSL)
  • Some people perceives being Deaf as having a disease or disability 
  • There is an anime film called “A Silent Voice” about a Deaf female character 
  • From the Imperial family of Japan, a Hearing princess named, Kiko or Princess Akishino, became involved in the Deaf Japanese community, learned JSL and became an JSL interpreter.