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Sign Language for Hong Kong

I visited Hong Kong twice. For both visit, I visited during the summer which is pretty hot and humid! I’ve visited for about a week. Although this seems long for some, I did it because of hiking and wanting to explore underrated places. 

  • Hong Kong do not consider themselves China as they have their own cultural norms, economy and social system. Politically, however, they under the principle of China’s “one country, two systems.” 
  • Official languages:  Cantonese Chinese and English
  • Popular sightseeing: Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour, Lantau Island, and more. 
  • Hong Kong is one of the best places to get visa for China (which I’ve tried on my second visit to Hong Kong). 
  • Get Octopus Card, which is a smart card, and you can use this to pay for MRT, buses, ferries, trams, etc. However, you can also use it for shops, department stores, supermarkets, fastfood and many more!
  • One of the core concepts is face, which indicates a person’s reputation, honor, dignity and influence
  • At the table, burping is not considered rude
  • Holding the rice bowl close to your mouth as you eat is appropriate
  • Be careful when discussing about China, some Hong Kongers don’t not like China
  • Don’t give a direct criticism  
  • Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL), not Chinese Sign Language
  • There is only one Deaf school
  • There are Hong Kong Association of the Deaf and The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf
  • There are only about 10 interpreters for 7, 000 Cultural Deaf Hong Kongers. 
  • One of the Deaf-related bussinesses in Hong Kong called, Deaf cafeteria.
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