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I also provide other services, such as video editing, photography, or Deaf Coaching. Email me for rate & more details. 

Travel Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed about what you need to prepare for your upcoming trip? Do you want to learn more communication techniques?
Do you feel overwhelmed about what you need to pack or what to see for your upcoming trip? Do you want to know more communication techniques? Or if you are a Deaf traveler, do you want to learn techniques for your travel? We can talk through a private video call.

Disability Consultancy

Have you been wondering what can you do to improve accessibility for Deaf communities? What accommodations you’d need to know? This can be for any anyone, anywhere. This includes travel brands, conferences, attractions (i.e. museums), and more!


Whether you’re a school, an organization or other, doing a presentation is one of my utmost passions. I can talk about Deaf travel, accessible travel, mental health or my personal travel experiences.

American Sign Language Tutoring

American Sign Language (ASL) for anyone, including Hearing people, Disabled and Deaf communities! It can be for parents, students or even employees! If you have been wanting to learn ASL because you know someone who is part of the Deaf or Disabled communities or doesn’t have the access to ASL classes nearby, I provide ASL tutoring through Skype.

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Frequently asked questions

I am currently not accepting advertisements on my blog.

I am very limited in the content that I feature from other writers, companies or brands. Due to my niche, I am accepting sponsored posts/article contribution if it’s relevant to my niche and beneficial for my readers.  If so, I will take it into consideration depending upon your request or offer. I’m interested in those who create quality work, have the passion and support our diverse communities. 

I am very limited in the content that I feature from other writers, companies or brands. I only share contents from other writers, companies or brands that are relevant to my niche or may benefit my audience. Due to my niche, I am accepting guest posts if you are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, Late-Deafened or DeafDisabled. I also accept guest posts with those who are Disabled. If you are Hearing (a person who is not Deaf, Hard of Hearing, etc.) and have passion for Deaf communities and our culture, I will take it into consideration depending upon your request or offer. I may also be open to guest posts relating to mental health & travel

Yes! Perhaps you’ll notice that this blog was previously shared with a friend, Lilo, from Deafinitely Without Barriers. You’re pretty curious, I’m sure. Due to different reasons, we concluded that that we would like to have our own travel blog. Do please check out my friend’s blog! 

If you plan to take my photos or videos, please credit and link back directly. Shall if you use for commercial purpose, please email me first. Please insert “Requesting to use your photos/videos” in the subject line.

I’m thrilled to see that you’re learning more about our Deaf culture and language. However, I am only focused on travel-related collaboration. I am pretty busy; To invest more of my time for academic assignments is not my priority. Therefore, I will not have an interview with you for your class, answer your questions for your assignment/project or participate in research unless I’ll be compensated for my time. Just giving credit to me isn’t sufficient for my time. 

However, if you have found answers in my blog/vlog for your interview, please do credit me accordingly. Thank you! 🙂 

I’m happy to know that you really want to learn ASL! I provide service at hourly rate. Email me to ask more question about it!

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deafinitelywanderlust @ gmail . com

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