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From About Me, you’ll learn that I’m Stacey. I am a Deaf female traveler who hope to inspire some people to travel, most particularly the Deaf communities around the world. By sharing my personal experiences, I also hope to spread awareness to the Hearing community about my Deaf culture and what it is like to travel as a Deaf person.

If you have any questions that you may not have found in my blog or videos, feel free to contact me! If you have particular questions (ex. advertisements) or would like to work with me, please take a look at Work with me before emailing me.

Frequently asked questions

I am currently not accepting advertisements on my blog.

As it now, I am not accepting any sponsored post.

I am only accepting guest posts if you are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind or if you are Differently Abled* traveler. If you are not, however, I may consider guest posts that Deaf/HH and Hearings* can benefit from. Guest Posts can be written or filmed (must have closed captions & transcripts). 

Yes! Perhaps you’ll notice that this blog was previously shared with a friend, Lilo, from Deafinitely Without Barriers. You’re pretty curious, I’m sure. Due to different reasons, we concluded that that we would like to have our own travel blog. Do please check out my friend’s blog! 

If you plan to take my photos or videos, please credit and link back directly. Shall if you use for commercial purpose, please email me first  ( Please insert “Requesting to use your photos/videos” in the subject line.

I am thrilled to hear that you are learning our culture and language. I’m sorry but I will not do an interview for your class. I am only focusing travel-related collaboration. I’ve tried interviews for some students in ASL classes in the past, and I often don’t hear any reply back from them after submitting my answers. I felt unappreciated for my work and time. Therefore, I will not accept any interview for your class. Otherwise, if you have found answers in my blog/vlog for your interview, please credit me accordingly. 

I’m happy to know that you really want to learn ASL! However, I’m quite busy with blogging, traveling and other things in my life. Because of this, I can’t do this for free since I also honestly need to make a living. I may considering adding a service, teaching ASL, in the future. Meanwhile, you can learn via YouTube, Facebook groups or local colleges/universities. 

If we aren’t friends or acquaintances or if we haven’t met, I really want to keep my own personal Facebook private. You can follow me on my Facebook Page though!

I actually get this question a lot. I’m sorry but I cannot share my phone number. You can email me or contact me via my Facebook page, Instagram or other social media accounts

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