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The reasons why I’ve created Through their Eyes series is explained in this post. I called “Through their Eyes” because usually, our sense of sight heightens. Instead of using or relying on our ears to explore the world, we use our eyes instead. However, the terms “eyes” may or may not be relevant to the DeafBlind community since their sense of touch sometimes heightens more than hear and sight. 

Our Deaf world is small, and their stories are not often seen and heard. I believe representation is so important, and it’s really lacking in the travel industry. In this series, you’ll find diverse voices of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled & Late-Deafened travelers. Exceptional stories may include Hearing travelers who are involved in our communities or have stories that benefit my readers. Stories will be diverse, including but not limited to Deaf LGBTQ+ travelers, finding their Deaf identity, avid Deaf hikers, solo Deaf travelers, facing dangerous situations, traveling as Deaf People of Color (POC) and more!

This series will be in the form of collaborative posts or guest posts. Not all featured guests have personally written this as they may be uncomfortable or unable to write in English. Some posts will be translated from sign language. Videos also may be included. Featured guests may or may not have a travel blog or travel-related social media platforms. 

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I also do video versions for Through Their Eyes series! Some featured guests are also written. Videos include both closed captioned and transcripts. Shall if you find any video that do not, please contact me.