Deaf Travel

It is time for our voices

to be seen and heard.

Although accessible tourism is slowly on the rise, the travel industry is still predominately designed for the abled people. Consequently, we deaf travel communities are left with little resources. Moreover, we see a very little representation of Deaf representation in the travel industry. This is the space where I share content that resolves around deaf travel for our communities. 

It’s also important to acknowledge this platform is runned by a Deaf sighted signing person, which means I have the privilege to see and know sign language. The majority of the content are, undoubtedly, from a deaf-sighted lens that may not be relatable for some DeafBlind travelers, Deaf wheelchair user travelers and more. I do plan to include stories and resources for and by DeafBlind, Deaf wheelchair user, and other travelers.

travelers with disabilities

I'm Marlene.

I’m a Deaf Mexican-American traveler who believes in the power of sharing my travel stories for social impacts and bring awareness about the lack of
accessibility in the travel industry.

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Travel stories through my eyes

In this series, I want to share my deaf travel. While the majority may be about deaf travel from my lens, some may include about  other identities (being a woman, a Latina, etc.) and my personal journey in my life.