Who am I?

ID: A light-skinned female is smiling at the camera with her red floral shirt and black pants. Behind her is a light pink pastel wall.


I am a proud Deaf Mexican-American female who was born and raised in California. Like many others, I once had traditional chronological goals: graduate with a Master’s degree, have a stable career, get married and create a family. I did wonder what would it be like to be out in the world but

traveling didn't seem realistic to me.

A Deaf broke-ass female with anxiety, me? Even I’ve been called a codo (Mexican slang for someone who is a cheapass). I truly once believed that my only way to travel was being with my family or traveling locally.

After losing a close aunt of mine, I realized that I only have una vida (one life). One of my biggest fears was becoming a bitter old woman with many regrets – the Whys and the What ifs. I then took a big leap of faith. I traveled to countries where I am privileged not having to break my bank: Asia and Latin America.

After backpacking in Asia for the first time and experiencing a near-death experience in Oregon,

everything changed.

While traveling, I love meeting Deaf communities around the world. I’d try to visit Deaf owned businesses, Deaf organizations, Deaf schools or places that support Deaf people like this one. I also try to look for Deaf advocates within their country. Despite having different sign language, the connection between many Deaf people from all walks of life is just indescribable

Quick Facts about me

I usually travel as a budget backpacker. Luxury travel isn’t for me (at this time perhaps). 

When I can, I prefer slow traveling that allows me to take my time. This way, I can immerse myself more into meeting local people and learn their culture.

Yes, I know American Sign Language and International Sign. I’m currently trying to learn Lengua de Señas Mexicana (LSM / Mexican Sign Language) and Korean Sign Language (KSL). Yes, there are different sign languages around the world!

I can’t say I really did since I only traveled solo few times, less than 2 days. I usually travel with friends, significant other or family members. I don’t mind traveling solo one day though! 

I was born Hearing* and became Deaf at the age of 2 due to frequent ear infections.  

writing, photography, learning different cultures and languages, resting on the hammock, drinking boba milk tea, and animals (would have majored in Zoology).

I also passionately advocate for Deaf Rights, mental health, feminism, Latinx communities and humanity.

To many surprises, no. If I have a magic pill to become “normal” and a Hearing* person, nope. I’m Deaf and I’m very proud to be one. It makes me who I am today. 


Why I started this blog?

How can we connect?

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Through her eyes

A series of  my journal entries where I share my thoughts and feelings. 

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