My life has been reprioritized.

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Our society wants us to keep all of our asses to run on the same track. If one makes a different turn that wasn’t conventional, they are considered as they are going the “wrong way.” Sometimes people don’t think about trying to take a new unknown track. Sometimes people just don’t care, or they’re just comfortable with sticking with the same track with others. Sometimes they just don’t have a choice. Or that is the path to their dreams.

Some friends of mine have been getting engaged or married, and some already obtained jobs and have children. I’m nowhere close to that.

I used to think that I should stay on that same track like them. I needed to graduate, get a job, get married, have kids and passed on. But a new track emerged in my life that many don’t dare to take on: traveling long-term and working online.

Well, maybe I’ve taken a “wrong turn.”

The society would say that the new track I’ve taken is a bad idea and an imminent failure. My family would have something to say as well if I continue this in the long run.

But that’s the track I dare to take. And I want to see what lies ahead –

“So what are yours, Stacey?” snapping me back to reality.

My American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter noticed I zoned out and quickly told me that my classmates were waiting for my answer. My classmates, who also enrolled in Marriage and Family Therapy program with me, were staring blankly at me. Apparently, my graduate professor wanted my classmates and me to share our goals after graduating the program.


Several of these classmates share mutual goals: becoming a licensed therapist and establishing their own private practice but I struggled to find my own words. Because there’s one thing I know now is:

I don’t only want to be a therapist for the rest of my life.

After being trapped in the snow storm almost a year ago with Nomadic Deaf, a lot of things in my life reprioritized. I feel that my life could flash before my eyes again and I just want to live my life as much as I can.

I initially hesitated but decided to tell them honestly how things changed for me a lot since the incident. I told them that I want to explore and travel the world. I want to be involved in humanitarian jobs, teaching jobs or become a therapist to work with the Deaf communities around the world – if that is even possible (the therapy part, I mean). I could read few expressions across on their face: few expressed a hint of doubt or even looked questionable.

Is it realistic?

It can be, only if I really set my mind to it. I don’t know what exactly will lie ahead for me, but I do know that I don’t need live by the societal expectation or anyone else. I don’t need to let others’ opinions or discouragement to affect me. I know that I have to give this a try because after all, I only have one life. I cannot continue to live for others. I want to live my life for me.

There are going to be some challenges, a couple of times when I’ll surely fall, but I know I’ll get back up.


“When do people start to live? When they face death.” – Tony Robbins

priorities in my life changed

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