Ik Kil Cenote: A window to this scared world






Looking up, a streak of light shined through the window of a underworld heaven, flickering hanging vines and small waterfall, just like a rainforest. Everything was silence;  many people’s expressions range from excitement to nervousness. As they jumped into the cenote, they closed their eyes and opened their mouth; the cenote shouted among them, but no sound echoed in the cave, not even one. A silent scenery – I found a sense of peace in my world.

Despite the crowd, I still was lost in paradise. My younger brother told me that I ought to jump in from the stairs – which I hesitated. I have a fear of large bodies of water (such as ocean, lake, etc), but I knew I shouldn’t pass it; I’d regret it if I had never tried. As I jumped, I couldn’t help but to scream in fear and excitement. It turned out to be incredibly refreshing, especially in this humid weather during May.

How can anyone not find this such a profound beauty? A magnificent place that everyone should discover at least once in their lifetime.


  • It’s about 150 feet deep. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, you can rent a life-vest for about $5 USD.
  • It’s not handicap-friendly. There is no elevator instead of walking down about 90-100 steps.
  • If you are going to jump in and swim with the GoPro and other waterproof electronics (iphone, camera), it’s highly recommended to get a strap!
  • Ichthyophobia! If you have this, be prepare for fishes if you want to jump in.
  • Please use biodegradable sunscreen!

Have you been to any cenote in Mexico or in other country? 

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  1. looks unbelievable! gorgeous photos, I bet it was unforgettable!

  2. We visited a cenote in Mexico when we were there last and loved it! It wasn’t as pristine and incredible looking as this one, but they are all so cool. It feels a little like you’re viewing a world not many have seen before.
    Laura Lynch recently posted…Columbia Gorge & Hood River BreweriesMy Profile

  3. I see photos of this place everywhere!! So jealous you got to go! Was it hard to get to?

  4. Truly beautiful!
    I’m not a good swimmer but I would love to jump there because it looks wonderful.
    lucy recently posted…Jesolo LidoMy Profile

  5. Wow, these photos are beautiful and how cool it must have been to see in real life! Good dose of armchair travel!

  6. Looks lovely and refreshing. Its is often nice to have people with you who encourage you to do weird stuff…makes it easier to attempt new things!
    Jocelyn recently posted…Local Travels: A Kennedy DayMy Profile

  7. Looks like a magical place. I don’t like deep water either, and that’s probably why I’ve never gone to the cenotes when I’ve been in the Yucatan. Next time, I should follow your example and take the plunge.

  8. Ahhh! DIving in a cenote is one my bucket list dreams!! I’m sure that would be an unreal experience. Great job on the jump!

  9. Absolutely beautiful! It looks like something out of a movie! Love that you mentioned biodegradable sunscreen too – it’s so easy to forget when exploring different places to consider the lotions and chemicals that you’re bringing with you via your skin!
    Carolann – One Modern Couple recently posted…Light the Torches! Two Things We Regret Eating!My Profile

  10. I’ve never seen a cenote but lately I’ve read a lot about them on other blogs. I would love to experience this but considering how deep they are and the fact that I’m not a strong swimmer, I would have a vest on.

  11. Photos look beautiful! I would definitely jump, and the GoPro would for sure be coming in with me :D! Love these kind of adventures, thanks for the share!

  12. Seriously magical. The light filtering through is so gorgeous!

  13. Wow!!!! Mexico is full of surprises! I recently hosted a girl from Mexico and she showed me so many amazing pictures of her homeland, it’s so diverse!! I really hope to visit soon!
    Conor recently posted…Rzeszów – Kraków’s Quiet NeighbourMy Profile

  14. I’ve been to a couple of cenotes in Mexico, they’re fantastic aren’t they! So unique. One of the ones I visited was completely underground – we had to crawl through a tiny gap to get into the cave and then swam through these amazing underground passageways lit just by our head torches. It was an amazing experience.
    Laura recently posted…A new look for Sometime TravellerMy Profile

  15. This! is! so! cool!! Just added it to our mexico bucket list for our gap year 🙂

  16. I’ve always wanted to do this! Well done for getting over your fear and jumping in. Great tip on biodegradable sunscreen I’d have never thought of that
    Lucy Smith recently posted…WTW Travel Tunes: September EditionMy Profile

  17. Just found this site and I love it! Definitely need to make it to Ik Kil Cenote. Great piece and I love your logo x

  18. We’ve visited several cenotes, and that one we almost had for ourselves when we visited, it’s a beauty 🙂 We’ve dived in three different cenotes, and seen the one in Valladolid – Cenote Zaci I think.
    Monica @We Travel Together recently posted…The Island Of a Thousand TemplesMy Profile

    1. I never heard of Cenote Zaci. I just checked that out and it turned out that it is only 40 mins away from Ik Kil! If I knew about this, I would had gone! 🙂 Many cenotes are definitely a beauty! How long were you in Cancun?

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