Our beginning.

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 We both always have that desire to put on our backpacks and explore the world; however, we never really act on it because we thought it wasn’t possible. So one day, “Let’s go traveling, Stacey. Let’s go to Europe! We got thisss!!!” Lilo squealed with delight during January 2014. “I’ve always wanted to go traveling!” Stacey said with enthusiasm.

We never thought we would able to make it, especially as Deaf females. However, we were motivated and researched for the next four months. We felt more inspired by Nomadic Matt, Adventurous Kate, Legal Nomads and Goats on the Road. As time passed by, we merely discussed but had not bought the tickets. The ultimate reason?: Fear. We feared that we wouldn’t able to make it through, not matter how many females’ travelers we followed. We feared that we couldn’t afford it, because our budget was pretty tight. We feared, because we didn’t any know Deaf female travelers who could give us advice. Our mind were filled with anxiety yet we were still nervously excited.

Eventually, we didn’t make Europe our first backpacking trip, because we had to face it realistically. We didn’t have enough money for that trip after so many researches.

Okay okay, honestly it was actually one night when we got together with friends. We got drunk and started asking each other when they will actually travel. Out of nowhere, Stacey bluntly asked Lilo, “Are we going to travel? I am waiting for you,” Lilo responded,”What? I was waiting on you!” We actually bickered about this topic for about 20 minutes. We were playfully pushing each other, telling each other “why talk? so let’s do it! What are we so afraid of?!” So heads up folk, its not a good idea to argue about travel while drunk.

Ultimately, Stacey rested her hands on Lilo’s shoulders,“Europe is just too expensive for now, Why don’t we go to Asia?!”

Lilo: It will be too hot if we go in the summer though.

Stacey: I am willing. Let’s go to South Korea, yeah?

Lilo: Okay, yes let’s do it! 

So there you have it, that’s how we actually decided on South Korea based on our drunken night. Further do, that’s when we turned to Southeast Asia that fit our budget. Not only is it cheaper to travel in Southeast Asia, but we also wanted to explore different cultures in each country. So as we did our research, we learned that it would be cheaper to fly to South Korea, which is perfect because that was Stacey’s ultimate dream since she loves Korean culture.

first night in South Korea


So then, that’s how our adventure began (July 2014).


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  1. Tim

    It’s always great to see how the road beckoned different travelers and in what direction. All the best to you. I have added my story here but if the link is not something you want you can always delete it. Like yours, it is my story of how this life of travel came into being.

    1. deafinitelywanderlust

      Thank you! We’ll love to read your post that you gave us! It’s always inspiring to read how each person’s travel experience begins in his/her life (: thank you for reading our post!

    1. deafinitelywanderlust

      thank you!! (:

  2. Such an inspiring story. I look forward to reading more about your adventures 🙂

    1. deafinitelywanderlust

      Thank you! We’re happy to hear that! I love how you want to expose your children to the world! That’s amazing!

  3. Connie Reed

    Congratulations on finally just jumping in and doing it. Doing anything for the first time, including traveling to unknown places, can be scary, but moving out of your comfort zone often reaps big rewards.

    1. deafinitelywanderlust

      Thank you! Definitely reaps big rewards! We wish we did this long ago but better now than never, right? (: Thank you for reading our post! (:

  4. Sue Reddel

    Great story on how you became real travelers. Hope you both continue to explore and have many, many adventures.

    1. deafinitelywanderlust

      Thank you! We still have a lot of more adventures to come! I hope there are many more adventures for you too! Thank you for reading our post! (:

  5. Good for you for overcoming your fears, and going on an adventure! Now you’ll have unforgettable memories, and I hope people will see you as role models (because they should).

    1. deafinitelywanderlust

      Thank you for your kind words! Not only do we want to spread awareness to Hearing community but to the Deaf and other disabilities communities as well! Thank you for reading our post! (:

  6. Justin Miller

    Cute story! It’s always fun to look back on when you were couldn’t travel and assess how your life has changed. Nice post 🙂

    1. deafinitelywanderlust

      thank you! haha,yes! We looked back on how many times we hesitated due to several fears and now felt more confident about it since it is possible! Thank you for reading our post! (:

  7. zof

    Sometimes the decisions made on a whim are best ones…I like the story and I hope it will unfold fascinating.

    1. deafinitelywanderlust

      thank you for reading our post! (: yes, many more adventures to come!

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