A Night to Remember: Joshua Tree

Recently a friend had invited Stacey and I to join her and her family for a night of camping at Joshua Tree National Park. Of course, Stacey and I enthusiastically accepted the invitation.  We were excited to go back to Joshua Tree because of its stunning beauty filled with boulders and trees so we got to experience it with both sunrise and sunset.


When we got to Joshua Tree, we had to quickly set up the tent before it gets too dark. However, it took seven of us and thirty minute to set up our tent. To our shock, the tent was huge! It had two private rooms with zipper in the middle and a patio! It felt like luxury suite for us.

As it got dark, we got together around the bonfire and ate BBQ burgers and sausages. It was a indescribable feeling of being able to just relax with a beer in my hand while watching the fire roar in front of me. Not being able to use my phone since there was no wifi was a great feeling. It was a great reminder for me that it is okay to be able to take a short break from life and appreciate what’s in front of me.



Because we had wanted to wake up early to watch the sunrise, we decided to sleep early. As we slept though, I can’t help but felt something brushing lightly on my hair. It was a weird feeling, I thought it was Stacey or someone who was rubbing my head. I looked up to see but no one was there so I just put my hoodie on and went in deeper into my sleeping bag.

At 5:15am, we had gotten up to go see the sunrise. We had to hike around the boulders to find a good spot. When we finally found a spot to take pictures and sit back to watch the sunrise, I had asked Stacey,“How did you sleep last night?”. She responded,“It was good but I had a light feeling of someone rubbing my shoulder” I literally got goosebumps and responded,“No way! I felt something too but it was something was rubbing my hair!” We just looked at each other and had the same thoughts: Could it be ghosts?  We didn’t want to keep talking about it since I have a fear of ghosts.


Watching the sunrise was surreal. Just how the transition from the glow of the sky filled with stars to the blazing sun that lights up the desert. Of course at that moment, I had that famous theme song from the Lion King playing in my head. Come on, who doesn’t? How can you not resist?

Throughout the day, we got to hike on the boulders nearby our tents, drove through scenic yet bumpy route through Geology Tour Road and visit the Cholla Cactus Garden.

                  DSC_0126   Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset




If you ever find yourself in Joshua Tree, it is recommended to visit Cholla Cactus Garden, Indian Cove, Skull Rock and Cottonwood Springs. It is highly recommended to see the sunset at Arch Rock. Joshua Tree is also the best place for camping and for those who are experienced rock climbers.


***Money-saving tips: If you are deaf or have any other disability, get the lifetime pass for any National parks for free admissions! Also, check for a weekend when they offer free admissions for national parks which tends to be in April so book early if you decide to camp there!

Have you been to other National Parks? If so, which places would you recommend visiting?

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