“Where should I start traveling?”

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You are staring blankly at the map and asked yourself, “Where should I start? Should I start here or here? Wait, what about there?” It can be overwhelming, because that is the beauty of our big world is that you are not limited to one area. Therefore, you are not sure where to start. Perhaps the most important thing is to ask yourself this: what experience do you wish to have during your travel?

Do you want to do fun activities with your family?

Do you want to explore with your significant other?

Do you want to relax on the beaches and do aquatic activities?

Do you want to learn more about specific culture and history?

Do you want to do outdoor activities where you can enjoy nature and wildlife?

Do you want to travel on budget?


It really depends on you and your preferences. Before you buy your flight ticket, research the destinations that captivate your interests. For example, Lilo and Stacey chose Southeast Asia because we are interested in their cultures, and it was cheapest way for us to start backpacking due to our budget. Meanwhile, Jillian decided to take a road trip with her family from New York City to Los Angeles. 

We recommend checking out guide books, such as Lonely Planet.


It may be hard to narrow it down but do keep in mind that the other countries will always be there, waiting for you 😉

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  1. Mireille

    these are really great tips for embarking on a trip. you need to know what you want out of it before you decide where to go

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