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The thought of visiting Japan made us cringe, because we heard how expensive it can be. Last year, we were on budget prior our trips, wondering if we will able to make Japan into our itinerary. We debated for couple of weeks whether we should visit Japan or not. Luckily, Lilo found a flight ticket that cost $81 one way from Busan, South Korea to Osaka, Japan. We couldn’t believe how cheap it was! No doubt did that ignite the flame of our curiosity to visit this country. We thought, okay why not at least for about a week? During our trip, we went to cheap restaurants and bought snacks from local markets. After traveling for about 9 days in Japan, we were relieved to have this opportunity to visit Japan. The cultural experience there was exhilarating  – we learned so much about their customs, culture and history. Sure it was somewhat expensive, but from what we heard, Japan isn’t expensive as Australia, New Zealand or Norway.

But let me tell you something:

You should NOT skip Japan.

Japan is a beautiful country to visit with so much to offer. Here is 10 reasons why we find Japan amazing:


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1. Friendliness

Rather than getting mad when bumping into each other on the street, they’d bow down and say “sorry!” When our Japanese friend was wincing in pain on the ground (we didn’t bother to invade her privacy since she seemed that she didn’t wanted to tell us what was wrong), other Japanese workers nearby came to help and kindly offer her to use their restroom and drink water to ensure she’s okay. When Lilo and I weren’t sure when to get off to Shin-Osaka station to get off (there are Shin-Osaka and Osaka stations), a girl kindly offer us help; we pointed “Shin-Osaka” station on the map, and she made sure that we get off the right one. I couldn’t tell you enough how genuinely friendly they are. Every friendliness we’ve encountered was astonishing.



2. Daily lifestyle

Would you believe me if I told you that I saw a grandma riding on a bicycle by herself in Osaka? If you see one, how can you not resist dropping your jaw and stare like a fool? Since I am from America, I don’t really see that…at all. I saw couple more elders riding on bikes,“Lilo! Did you see that!? Elders are riding bikes here!” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was impressed! We also spotted a mother riding her bike with her two children behind her. We also saw a little girl (about 5 years old) walking to school by herself. The daily lifestyle here is obviously pretty different than America’s. Sorry, Americans.



3. High-tech

It’s no surprise that Japan is well known for their technology. You’ll see a lot of amazing technologies, such as the washlet toliets, robots and parking garage elevator! When I arrived in Japan, one of things I most look forward to was the washlet toliet. With many different controls, you can decide how light or strong you want the water to jet into your anal. When I first tried it out, I couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. I bet people were listening since the restroom was quiet and heard “hahahaha!” from the stall.


4. Cuisine

Sushi. Ramen. Curry. Udon. Onigiri. Soba noodles. Did I mentioned sushi?  There are a lot of fresh food. Obviously, no other countries’ attempts at making Japanese food is greater than Japan itself. The sushi tastes vastly different here comparing to America’s. You just have to try so many food! If you are a Yelp lover like me, try to use TripAdvisor to search for great eats. Although Lilo and I were on budget and did not went to many restaurants, we still had couple of oh-so-delicious Japanese food. Everything we tried was so fresh, just heavenly.

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5. Cultural & Landscape Attractions 

Japan have so many scenic attractions: temples, shrines, castles, zen gardens, Mt. Fuiji, Okinawa Islands and other countless places. A lot of them have historical stories that you may find it interesting. There are so many places to go that you’ll need to sort out your priorities if you are staying for short time. Everything is just utterly breathtaking.

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6. Festivals

We personally love festivals! It’s a great insight to peak into their culture and see the beauty of it. There are myriad of festivals: Sakura (Cherry Blossom), Obon, Sapporo Snow, Kanamara Matsuri and many more festivals. The most popular one is the Cherry Blossom festivals during springtime. We haven’t been to festivals here in Japan but hoping to grab the opportunities in the future.


7.  Ingenuity

Japan is known for their ingenuity. They created numerous of businesses that locals and tourists alike are crazy about: capsule hotels, animal cafes, Make-your-own ramen cup shop, outdoor onsens, maid cafes, beers and cigarettes vending machines and the likes. Do your research before heading to Japan, because you’ll never know you’ll find something you’ll love to do!

NOT our photo. All rights resvered to T-Mizo

8. Transportation

All transportation there are very effective! There are JR bullet trains, trams, subways, buses, cars and even bikes! The accessibility to different transportation is remarkable. We sighed a relief when we purchased the JR pass and can get to different destinations in just 9 days. With the JR line, you can get from Osaka to Hiroshima in just about 2 hours 30 minutes comparing to driving for about 4 hours. You’ll get to your destination in no time.  If you want to take the JR trains, make sure you get the JR pass prior arriving there. That’s important! You can’t just walk in and buy it. You must purchase it in advance.


9. Anime Culture

Anime has been influential around the world due to their styles, fantastic stories and vibrant characters. Many people around the world are engrossed anime and manga; they even dress up (which is called cosplaying). People around the world who loves anime would dream of going there.


10. Feeling safe

It has one of the lowest crimes and considered to be one of the top peaceful countries in the world. You don’t really have to worry safety there. You don’t need to fret so much about your safety at day and night.


If you worry about the prices in Japan, it is recommended that you use Couchsurfing to find free accommodation and be on budget. Spend wisely. Hope these reasons are proven enough for you not to skip Japan; Japan will enrich your personal growth as your learn their culture and broaden your mind. 

Have these 10 reasons convinced you?

If you have been there, do you agree these 10 reasons?

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    1. thank you! You’d love Japan if you go there!
      Thank you for reading our post! (:

    1. Thank you! You’ll love Japan! (: That sounds like fun that you did sakura lunch in London!

      Thank you for reading our post!

  1. You make Japan sound intriguing! I’ve heard of capsule hotels and animal cafes but now I have to Google “outdoor onsets and maid cafes.” Thanks for the tips, and for sharing your inspiring experience.

    1. Glad to hear that Japan makes you feel intrigued! Japan is really beautiful! Outdoor onsens and maid cafes would be an interesting experience (:

      Thank you for reading our post!

  2. I love Japan (though I haven’t been there yet) so I can agree with all your points in this post as to why it is amazing — they are some of the things that I find amazing too! If I may add though, the old people in bikes thing wouldn’t be much of a surprise for me since most European countries do that too. Anyhow, you just made me look forward to my trip to Japan in 2016!

    1. Oh yes, I heard that it happens in European countries. We just haven’t been to any European countries, so we just saw our first one in Japan. I love how they all stay active!

      Glad to hear that you’re going to Japan next year! You’ll love it, and most of all, have fun! (: Thank you for reading our post!

  3. Japan is definitely on our list, with a pre-teen daughter, I think it’s one of the best, most exciting country to visit with her. Also, ramen is her favorite food!

    1. We love ramen! We suggest you to try Ippundo Ramen in Japan when you visit! It’s really fresh and delicious. You and your preteen daughter will enjoy Japan (:

      Thank you for reading our post!

    1. Sounds like you really enjoyed it! I would love to do Mt. Fuji as well (: Thank you for reading our post!

  4. LOL – LOVE that bathrooms are on this list. There are so many places with dubious toilets that this wouold make me a very happy girl.

    1. haha, I just had to mention about the toilet! It was unbelievably amazing! I actually even like the toilet from South Korea where you have the squat as well. Not so bad. (:

      Thank you for reading our post!

    1. Thank you! I really tried taking good photos of it! I’m glad that it brought you back so many memories (:

      Thank you for reading our post!

  5. This article covers diverse elements of the Japanese culture. My travel partner and I are headed there within the next few months and this post provided some helpful tips. You definitely created a sense of intrigue in me! The photos you posted were fabulous as well. Great post!


    1. Thank you! Not all photos are mine, some are from Creative Common images from Flickr, but the rest are mine (: thanks! I’m glad it created as sense of intrigue in you; you’ll love your trip to Japan! Do have a lot of fun there! (:

      Thank you for reading our post!

    1. thank you! I’m glad that it helps you to become more curious about Japan and consider about going!

      oh yes, the sushi is really delicious! Super fresh. They have a lot more of sashimi than rolls, but all of them are good! Thank you for reading our post!

  6. This is a fantastic post! I have never been there, but it’s on my bucketlist! I have a friend there I would love to see! Thanks for sharing this wonderful info!

    Best to you!

  7. I’ve never even thought of visiting Japan. When I think japan, I think techy and lots of people. But that looks like a great place to visit! I’m glad you had a good time 🙂

  8. Im so jealous right now! My mom was born in Japan and I so want to visit someday. The cherry blossom festival is on my bucket list. Great post (and yes, we Americans need to step up our activity)!

  9. So the main reason I came to read this was because I actually currently live in Japan and I wanted to hear why you thought it was so amazing. I couldn’t agree more with you, especially about friendliness. These people are so incredibly kind and courteous – their customer service is amazing – and they are just generally nice people. Also the cuisine is delicious pretty much everything I’ve tried has been awesome. I’d say this is a very good list & I’ll share it on my FB for people who also currently live in Japan with me for some insight if they feel like they don’t like it too much 🙂 So glad I read this, I came from our Blogging Tribe FB group!

  10. I agree. Japan should not be skipped. Its old towns could seriously rival some of the world’s best. And the cherry blossom or red foliage seasons are simply incredible times to visit. And there are plenty of amazing Shinto shrines. Very colorful country.

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