If it wasn’t for learning Chinese and watching Taiwanese dramas (guilty pleasure), I probably wouldn’t have heard about a city of Hualien, or even consider Taiwan as one of my top priorities to visit […]

You Shall Not Skip the Taroko National Park

Who loves hidden gems? Yessss, I love your enthusiasm.  Nothing is more exciting when you find something new to do in your hometown –  whatever it may be a hiking, museum, bar, etc. I live in Los Angeles, […]

Mosaic Tile House, A Hidden Gem.

My goal is not only consist of exploring around the world for sightseeings, licking my fingers off after meals and learning more about other cultures. Through traveling, I want to explore and learn more about my Deaf culture across countries. […]

Meeting Deaf People in Other Countries – 2015

When you see a beautiful place through Instagram or other social media, do your eyes glisten or do your jaws drop to the floor at just stunning sight of it? I know this, because, […]

The Beauty of Oak Alley Plantation

To be quite honest, Louisiana was never on my top priorities to visit. I once doubted myself years ago that it would be impossible for me to visit all 50 states, including Louisiana. Other […]

Honey Islands: The Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

Growing up, I’ve always learned about slavery in my history classes, but it’s never enough, not until you actually experience it yourself but let me tell you this, it is still not enough. Prior […]

Understanding Slavery: Whitney Plantation

When we began Deafinitely Wanderlust, we were fueled with motivation for first couple of months. Our cheeks often hurt from smiling when we discussed exciting ideas for travel and blog. We were truly enthusiastic about […]

Insecurities, let’s break up.