“Let’s go to The Pink Hole,” Lilo said. “The Pink…what?” I felt confused. “The Pink Hole, it’s a private gay club in Seoul.” “The pink…hole? hahaha, oooh wow,” I thought that name was brilliant if you […]

Welcome to The Pink Hole – wait, the pink what?

“Only 10 interpreters in Hong Kong?!” My jaw dropped as I learned the news; A Deaf friend, whom I met in Hong Kong, shared with me about the struggles they face in Hong Kong. While […]

What I learned about Deaf Community in Hong Kong

I stumbled in the darkness, couldn’t really see where I was going. Lights seemed far away from where I was standing; dark figures were roaming around on the field, preparing for Balloon Fiesta, at […]

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Holding a map of Seoul, we were planning which destination should we go next. We were standing next to the wall, avoiding the crazy stampede of people who was walking past us in different […]

The conversation that I lost track of

If it wasn’t for learning Chinese and watching Taiwanese dramas (guilty pleasure), I probably wouldn’t have heard about a city of Hualien, or even consider Taiwan as one of my top priorities to visit […]

You Shall Not Skip the Taroko National Park