Deafinitely Wanderlust

Through the eyes of a Deaf female traveler

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I want to show the world that I can travel around the world despite facing multiple challenges as a Deaf person.

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  • Don't forget to explore what's beyond Los Angeles and San Francisco 😉 
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  • Found a shipwreck!

#deafcantravel #deafinitelywanderlust #kissfisttravel #deaftravel
  • Visited Bryce National Park  back then when I was on a road trip with friends. 
One of the things I've learned about myself from that trip was that I prefer to take my time whilst traveling. I personally don't like rushing through and not having the ability to relax and enjoy the scenery. Sometimes it's challenging when you have other commitment during the week, such as school and work. Although I learned more about myself, I learned that it's okay - and Bryce isn't going anywhere. I'll go back ✌

#deaftraveler #travel_latina #latinaswhotravel #deafcantravel #deafinitelywanderlust #kissfisttravel
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