Your Beginning

Sometimes It can be difficult for us, Deaf & Hard of Hearing people, to take courage to step out in this world, because of the fear of the unknown – especially with communication barrier challenges. Although we don’t often have the same communication accessibilities as the Hearing people (referring to people who aren’t Deaf or Hard of Hearing), we shouldn’t let this fear obstruct us from taking a journey across the world. We’re also here to spread awareness for the Hearings on how to communicate with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Therefore, we’re here to give information and tips for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community AND Hearing people. 

Once you are ready to take a step outside, planning out your travel can be overwhelming, because the more you become aware about preparing for the trip, the more you feel you have a lot to consider about. 

Below, we have written different topics that may help you with your journey.

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