About Us


Why did we create this blog?

The purpose of creating this blog is for you, both Deaf and Hearing communities! It is our goal in hope to inspire anyone to travel; most importantly, we want to inspire the Deaf communities due to multiple barriers. To our best abilities, we want to guide and help the Deaf communities. Additionally, we want to form an association between the Deaf and Hearing communities.

How do we know each other?

We practically went to the same middle school and high school, although we are a few years apart.  We didn’t really grow close until our college years. We just immediately clicked (:



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Hi I’m Lieurene but everyone calls me Lilo. At the age of three, I was diagnosed profoundly deaf. Since then, I grew up with hearing aids and went to oral school. It wasn’t until seventh grade when I learned ASL. I am a coffee-holic. There, I said it. I cannot live without coffee, trust me I’ve tried! Oh and Pizza! That is pure happiness to me: slice of pizza and a cup of coffee even while traveling but of course you are not here to read about my addiction 🙂

I’ve always had the strong desire for traveling since at a young age, thanks to my mom who always worked so hard to take us out on vacations. It was not until 2014 when I finally decided to travel on my own and along with travel buddies. And to my surprise I had no regrets.  In fact, it only added fuel to my growing passion for travel. I live by what my mother have always taught me, “Never let anything hold you back, not even your deafness”.


hi! (: At the age of two, I was diagnosed Deaf due to recurrent ear FullSizeRender Cropped
infections. In spite of the diagnosis, I am proud of who I am! I enjoy reading, filming and taking photographs. There is one thing I definitely do not enjoy: bees!! After bad experiences, I’m actually deathly terrified of bees and wasps. I would literally run once I see it! (You can see how I reacted in our first video, in a scene where Lilo and I were in the sunflower field). Oh! But there is one thing I just cannot live without: boba milk tea! I’m pretty addict to it. If you meet me, you’ll see me asking around,  “where’s boba?” haha.

Growing up, I often go to Mexico since my extended family resides there. Eventually, I had a chance to visit Hawaii, New York and Florida. Although it was only a short vacation, it perked wanderlust!  I’ve always been curious about what else this world has to offer.  After graduating as an undergrad, I took the opportunity to travel for two months in Asia. It was deafinitely worth it!


Terms to know

There are some terms that we will use on our blog that may not be familiar with the Hearing community.

Audism: a discrimination or prejudice that is based on a person’s ability, or lack of ability, to hear

Culturally Deaf: a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person who is involved in Deaf community and culture

Hearing: one who is not Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Late-Deafened: one who became Deaf/Hard of Hearing at later stage of their life