Honey Islands: The Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

To be quite honest, Louisiana was never on my top priorities to visit. I once doubted myself years ago that it would be impossible for me to visit all 50 states, including Louisiana. Other than knowing about the famous Mardi Gras and bourbon street in New Orleans due to the media, I used to think “what’s else there?” Eventually, I came to learn to crease asking “what’s there?”  to “why not see it for myself?”

Louisiana definitely had proven me wrong! When I was researching things to do in New Orleans, I knew that three days wouldn’t be enough. So, Lilo and I tried our best to cram many things we want to visit in mere 3 days. For our mini adventure, we wanted to explore the swamp.

I mean – it has history. Vast of trees. Alligators. Boars. Raccoons. We see beauty.

We found that a tour is required to explore the swamp. Damn,

 What about the interpreter?

that came across our mind. We contacted different swamp tour companies, and…

“Due to rural area, we cannot provide an interpreter…”
“Unfortunately, we cannot provide interpreter, because…”

one after another. 

We’re pretty much used to it. We’re not saying it’s their fault; however, we hoped and tried our best.

Eventually, a new notification in our email told us there’s a new response from Cajun Encounters, which was one of the tour companies we contacted:

Screen Shot 2016-03blogblurred

Since we become accustomed to the same news, we weren’t expecting any great news.


Screen Shot 2016blogg

Screen Shot 2016-03-03blog

Wait, what? Our eyes popped, jaws dropped. No way. I mean, is this for real? We were literally speechless, because

this is our FIRST time having our request accepted for entertainment purpose.

Despite how depressing it sounds, we couldn’t comprehend why they were willing to provide an interpreter, because the most common and ultimate reason why many doesn’t want to provide is because interpreters are expensive (and out of their budget). 

I mean, why? Why would they? This isn’t a dream, right? 

Raven (who we contacted via email) gave us her personal phone number to text her. Prior our visit on the same day, I texted her to ensure that we have the right address (since the one found on GPS was actually the wrong address, a close call!). Generally, employees are often not comfortable (and how unethical it is) giving out their personal text number. We felt thankful that she gave us her personal number, because we’re unable to make the call with our cell phones.

Slidell, LA


Screen Shot 2016bloggingredo
Raven (middle) and an ASL interpreter, Andrea (right)

Upon arrival, we met Raven who worked hard to look for an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, named Andrea. We gushed how awe we were in, asking “why is it that you [Cajun Encounters]  decide  to provide an interpreter, comparing to several other swamp tour companies who doesn’t provide?” 

“There’s no reason why you should not come and enjoy touring the swamp.”

She said. BAM, our heart, seriously. We were completely touched with that answer, blushed even.

Throughout our trip, the interpreter joined us along for an adventure. The captain Tommy was very friendly, humorous, and full of knowledge – explaining about the history of the swamp, alligators, etc.


I wanted to see alligators launching itself out of the water; however, there weren’t much alligators around because they were hibernating due to cold season (summer is the best time to visit).

“I’ll look for alligators, so that you guys won’t kill me.” he said.

He seemed professional, passionate and knowledgeable in this field, we also thought it was pretty awesome that he knew where the animals would be at.

We only spotted about three of them. They aren’t big, but it was still exciting to see them in their natural habitat. According to captain, they were about three years old.


Sometimes it’s hard to spot the animals when it’s on the opposite side (and being short certainly doesn’t help, haha). Fortunately, Captain turned around the boat around to my side to see it up close! By the way, sometimes the boat will bumped into the trees!

An alligator (middle)


I don’t recommend standing up and being close to the edge; otherwise, well, you’ll know what will happen. The Captain will explain the safety patrol, telling you to sit down throughout the tour.

The interpreter told us that Captain spotted about 4 wild boars nearby. Many of us became pretty excited and rose to our feet (while the boat stood still). There were about five of them, roaming and swimming with their little hooves with all their might.

To attract them closer, the captain lured them closer by giving them sweets: marshmallow (I know it’s not healthy to give them out…). As two short women (I’m the shortest comparing to Lieurene), I had to stand on the seats, perhaps looking like a meerkat, and looking for spaces to take the front to take film and photos.

Thankfully, we love that captain gave all of us a lot of time to take photos of the wild boars.

It just wanted the marshmallow.


They are cute!


Spanish Moss from the tree

I also find the Spanish moss quite beautiful. I love how it hangs from the trees, swaying among with the wind.

This raccoon knew what’s up. It wanted marshmallow.




Overall, we had a fantastic experience. Cajun Encounters is an Eco Friendly company. They genuinely cared about the swamp (although they fed wild boars and raccoons marshmallow). According to their site, the Honey Island Swamp is one of the last untouched wetlands in Louisiana. The whole scenery is very remarkable and the boat ride was comfortable (despite the cold), not too crowded!


If it wasn’t for Cajun Encounters providing an interpreter for us, we probably wouldn’t know these:

  • how much the swamp changed over the years
  • the Spanish moss
  • why there weren’t enough alligators
  • the life of local alligators, egrets, turtles, wild boars and raccoons
  • and more!

The Captain talked a lot throughout 2 hours tour, and this is something that we definitely recommend requesting an interpreter, my Deaf and Hard of Hearing community!

Cajun Encounters is Deaf-Friendly*

The staff accommodate with us, exchanging email/text, providing an interpreter, and having a wide space to see the swamp. We recommend this! I mean, they believe that being Deaf shouldn’t be held back to have fun! 

If you’re going to Louisiana (or even other eastern southern states), you can’t miss the swamp! especially if you love to explore nature and wildlife

can you stop –


  • Allow for two hours of your time for the tour
  • Recommend bringing more than 55mm if you would like to wildlife photography
  • Contact them for more information about transportation (which they provide)
  • During cold season, do wear warm clothing!
  • To see more alligators, go during the summer or during a very warm season


GPS Address: 55345 Hwy 90 E, Slidell, LA, 70461
Approximately 45 minutes away from New Orleans.
For more information, visit: http://www.cajunencounters.com/swamp_tour
Instagram: @cajun_encounters_tour
Email through here: http://www.cajunencounters.com/contact_us

Disclaimer: Despite the exchange for an honest review and providing feedback how to service the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, everything is based on our own opinions.

Special thank you to Cajun Encounters for providing an interpreter for us and for a fun tour!

*Deaf-friendly: providing accessibility through visual, communication or technology needs.

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  1. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. My cousin never even asks for help anymore because either there is never staff that speaks ASL or because there’s just not an interpreter available. This really is wonderful and I will happy visit them on our next trip down south!

  2. That’s so amazing that they were able to provide that! Looks like a fascinating tour to take when I head to the USA (hopefully next year!)

  3. Wow, how awesome! Looks like you guys had a great time. I never even considered how hard it would be to find a tour that offers sign interepreters, great to see these guys did!

  4. That’s the same company I went on a tour with when I visited NOLA. They are very nice and welcoming and I’m glad they were able to provide an interpreter for you. Glad you guys had a good time!

  5. OMG. YOU guys….I already discovered your blog a while back but everytime I read a post I’m touched. Honestly. I think you guys rock! And Cajun Encounters is now officially my favourite company ever. I can only imagine the hurdles you guys must face to find companies who do offer a SL interpreter service. Good to know that there are those rare amazing companies out there who CARE. And I hope for you guys that this will only expand and you’ll be able to do all activities without any worries ever. 😉

  6. Wow the company sounds absolutely amazing. I’m hoping to get to Louisiana next year and I’ll absolutely go with them just because of how well they treated you. I believe we should start supporting these kind of companies as a community of travelers and vote with our wallets to support those who support our friends.

    So glad you had an amazing swamp tour! Awesome photos of the boars!!
    Meg Jerrard recently posted…When a Journey of a Lifetime Becomes a Lifelong Journey: 8 Years Overland With Christopher ManyMy Profile

  7. This is awesome! Both your positive experience and the photos of the boars! It’s fantastic that Cajun Tours went out of their way to ensure that all tour guests could enjoy the experience, I hope other companies start to offer the same kind of service

  8. Great write-up. Major credit to this company for going out of their way to make your experience. That’s good customer service! My wife and I didn’t do a swamp tour when we were in New Orleans for NYE, but we enjoyed our time in Louisiana and now we have yet another reason to return.

  9. I have to agree with your first impression because I too only think of Mardi Gras and New Orleans when thinking of Louisiana. I would have never thought of a swamp tour. Super cool that the tour provided an interpreter what a great experience!
    Rob recently posted…5 of the Most Incredible Things to do in IcelandMy Profile

  10. What an incredible experience and it sounds like an amazing company. I haven’t been to Louisiana but when I do, I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Great pictures, especially love the last one.

  11. Sounds like a great company, and looks like a day well spend! Love the boars putting their noses up curiously 🙂

  12. We haven’t explored much of Louisiana outside New Orleans either. We have a swamp tour, creole eating tour and a few plantations on the list so far. Glad to hear the tour company went out of their way to accommodate your needs!

  13. Love your attitude to travel, why not see for yourself what a place has to offer! I will be visiting Louisana one day too I hope!

  14. You both are so inspiring! keep it up! and i love about your post about the swam tour. I was in New Orleans 5 months ago and I was like you, wonder if I should even go because this area was not in my priority list too. But i am so glad i checked it out. =)

  15. Funny conversation that turned into a wonderful unique tour. Unexpected tourism part of Louisiana that is worth a visit.

  16. Love to hear about this supportive company and those boar are so cute!

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