Beary Upclose and Personal: Bearizona

Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my! Wait, wait let me back it up….I meant to say,

Wolves, Bisons and Bears, oh my!

These are the animals you will see when visiting Bearizona Wildlife Park. Bearizona Wildlife Park is not one of your typical zoo, they offer people an opportunity to drive through and see animals in their natural, wildlife environment. Yes, you read that right. You can drive in your own vehicle to see these animals up close.


When we had first arrived to Bearizona, we actually had no idea what to expect but we were so excited to see the animals. We were then greeted by one of the employee who was patient enough to explain the whole process.

Bearizona Employee: “When you enter the wolves and bears sections, you must have your windows up”

Me: “Wait, they will be walking around?”

Bearizona Employee: “Yes, if they walk close to the car, please safely drive forward slowly. Also, a baby bison was just recently born 30 minutes ago before you guys came”

Stacey and I looked at each other with our eyes wide open and the biggest smiles on our faces.

Stacey: “Are there any baby bear cubs?”

Bearizona Employee: “Yes, there are 4 three months old baby bear cubs in a section where you can walk and see them”

“WHAT?! We can get out of the car and see them?!” Stacey squealed with delight

We literally threw our money as we got even more excited to enter the park.

Bearizona Employee smiled big and handed us a map – reminding us a few rules and then bid us farewell.

The map:


*Cue the Jurassic Park Music as we enter the park*

During the Drive-through section of the park, we saw Big Horn Sheep, American Burro, Dall Sheep, Bisons, Wolves and Bears.


It’s cute when he’s sleeping


Eek! Crows feeding on a dead carcass- a leg with hoof


The newborn baby bison



As we drove through the bears section, we were surprised to see a little love-making going on. It was quite fascinating how long the male bear could keep going! For those who were wondering, no we didn’t stay long to see them finish haha


 Finally the walk through part:

There was a raptor show where they showed all the different kind of birds but unfortunately we didn’t make it. However, we still went on to see the otters, beavers, porcupines, foxes and of course the baby bears.


A sleeping porcupine






Bearizona Wildlife Park

1500 E. Route 66,

Williams, Arizona 86046

Operating Hours: 8am-6pm. Open all year round (except early closing times on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve) and It is only closed on Christmas day.

Admission: $20 plus tax for adults, $10 plus tax for children between the age of 4 to 10, and free for those who are under the age of 4.

The entire park takes about 2 hours.

Be sure to check out the Raptor Show!

They do offer the VIP tour bus which is included in the admission, if you would like to take the tour bus instead of your vehicle or you can do both. It is based on first come, first serve.

Pets and service dogs are allowed inside the park but must be inside vehicle with windows up at all time during the drive through section and they must be leashed for the walk through section.

***Money-saving tips: Be sure to look out for Groupon deals, they occasionally advertised discounts for admissions or camps.

Have you ever join a drive-through in a natural environment?

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