Three Quick Ways to Start Saving Now

People often asked me how did I afford to travel? And my answer is savings! I understand that it is easier said than done, it takes time and practice to build your saving habits. There are literally thousands of ways to save money, whether if you are saving up to travel or anything else. Here are the three quick ways to save starting right now:


1) Stop overspending

If you noticed that you keep overcharging your credit cards without the ability to pay it off right away, then it is time to stop using your credit cards until you learn how to manage your finances. It is not worth giving extra money to the bank to pay interest when you could be using that for your own savings. People are surprised how much they end up paying in interest every year, so it is important to try to pay it off or reduce your monthly payments as much as possible. In addition, overspending and having a high debt actually affect your credit score, which affect your ability to get loans, credit cards offers, a car or even a house. So,

the first thing you need to do before traveling or anything else is to just put your credit cards aside and start budgeting.

I am not an impulse buyer. Trust me, it takes me forever to buy just one thing because I have to keep thinking about it! So before you buy anything, take a day to think about it and then ask yourself, “Do I really need it?” If the answer is yes, then try your best to wait for a sale or do your research to find better deals. Always compare the deals, such as retail price and Amazon price. Retail stores sometimes can match prices if you find a better deal online.


2) Save your change

Way before I was able to get a credit card, I used cash to pay for a lot of things. Whatever the change I get back, I would put it in my change bucket. To tell you the truth, I hate carrying change but it pays off when I count up all my change. At one point, I made $150 just from change alone.

Every little bit helps!

DSC_0271 (2)

3) Make sacrifices

If you really want to travel or buy something expensive such as a car, then

you may need to make some sacrifices.

I noticed that I tend to spend a lot more on weekends than I do during the weekdays, so I made sacrifices to only go out one weekend out of the whole month. Here are some of the things you can take advantages if you do go out:

  • Pre-game
  • Take advantages of Happy Hour (food and drinks are usually half off)
  • Netflix at home or friend’s house
  • Free places to visit (Museums, hiking, parks, etc.)
  • Cook at home

Additionally, cut down your addiction. If you’re addict to coffee and spend on it everyday, it’s time to cut that down. At least get once a week or twice a month or start making your own coffee.

So there you have it, these are three quick ways to save. Although many people know this, not many practice this habits. As I said, it takes time and practice. Give yourself a month. To begin saving, it usually takes motivation and determination when you have a goal, or even for emergency funds. Once you start executing this plan, you’ll start building your savings fast. Either way, these habits are beneficial for the rest of your life. When you see how much you have saved, you’ll feel proud of yourself.


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Keep an eye out for future posts on more about savings!

How have you been saving?

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  1. Great post! I think most people like to skip the sacrifices part, but it is key!!

  2. Saving is definitely important. Thanks for this list!

  3. Love your suggestions. Many of us are huge over spenders. Guilty! Have to be cautious of that. More saving and less spending. I am so quick to eliminate extra things like cable that I don’t really use. Also, sell those things that I don’t use. Yard sale!
    Siedah recently posted…How do I get started online? [Techie Stuff]My Profile

  4. I need to follow all of that advice!!! When I was made redundant, we both panicked that we weren’t more careful

  5. awesome tips. We save our change already!

  6. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. The inspiration of a trip makes sacrifices less difficult to me!

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