Jetpacking at the Bay

Jet-what? Jetpacking! It is also known as, water powered jetpacking! Basically, it’s jetpack that uses a high pressure stream that floats you up in the air above water; it can be at the bay, lake, etc. This adventure was the furthest thing on my mind to do. The reason is because I’m deadly afraid of ocean or other natural water habitats, such as lakes & rivers (except swimming pools). I’m fine with swimming right near at the shore at the beach, but in these cases of open waters? You’ll see me shivering.

However, my boyfriend convinced me to go along with his friend back in July 2012; Despite my fear, I was lucky to be given an opportunity to experience this. Thanks, Groupon! Check this site out! Put in your city/zipcode, and you will see a lot of good deals based on various of entertainment, food, travel, beauty supplies and more! It’s legit, therefore, you don’t need to worry about scams. Groupon also has its own clock ticking for each Groupon (coupon), therefore when you see something you really want, get it before the countdown.

Back in July 2012, Groupon happened to have a Half-Off deal on Jetpacking at Jetlev Southwest in Newport beach, California. When we arrived at Jetlev Southwest, the whole staff there were extremely Deaf-friendly. My boyfriend, his friend and I notified them that we’re Deafs. They nodded and asked us if we can read  their lips. Some of us can, but some of us are not quite skilled either. However, the staff were aware how to interact with us! Not only do they speak (normally, not slowly), they did some gestures! They knew that they have to face us while talking, so that we can read their lips. Now, that’s Deaf-friendly! One of the staffs gave us a quick short lesson on how to use the jetpack and how to be safe with it. During the lesson, my heart would not stop thumping hard.The bay is there, waiting for me. I felt like I could play a drum in my heart, not kidding.


My heart were drumming faster and faster as I got on the jetski with the instructor to head off to a small boat to meet up other instructors. Each of us had to take turn to jetpack, and to no one surprise, I was the last person to do it. To be honest, I had my advantages how to handle the jetpacking after watching them; when it was my turn, my heart dropped.

left: instructor. right: me

secretly panicking here. Once I was in the water, I was doing my very best to control and face my fear. Thanks goodness there were about 5 instructors around! That helped me a lot. Thankfully, they understood that I could not hear at all. Therefore, they have to use gestures and signals, such as thumb ups and thumb downs to answer whether I feel okay or not.


After few struggles, I finally managed to get above the sea level! I forgot my fear during that moment; everything felt surreal. I was basically flying, and I love that feeling! You could feel the air brushing on your face lightly, and you can see the skyline of Newport Beach as well. One thing I despise was landing on the water face down, which I no longer secretly panicked. I was definitely panicking in obvious ways back splashing the water with my two hands as if I was drowning. I tried kicking my legs to get myself up but couldn’t. The jetpack was too heavy for me, and I don’t weigh so much for it; two men came to rescue me to make sure I was okay. Sorry for the drama, gentlemen.


But I did it!!! My fear of the sea is not completely gone, but I know it will takes baby steps. Overall, I’m happy that I grabbed this opportunity for once in my life. If you’re curious, try it out!


Would you try it out? And what are your fears?

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