Can you believe that I had this post written a year ago?! I have been debating on when to share this post. Ever since what happened with Orlando Pulse and Trump presidency, I feel […]

I was terrified to travel and here’s why

“Wait, what’s in Colorado?” One day, I was browsing online and saw a deal for $15 one way flight ticket to Colorado from LAX and back. I literally texted my two buddies and we […]

Best Hidden Gems of Colorado

No matter how many times have we met Deaf people around the world, we always get that same thrill, especially those who lives in another country since we have our differences but still share […]

Meeting Deaf People Around the World in 2016

The best way to see 360º panorama view of Colorado is the Devil’s Head Lookout. The minute I stepped off the airplane in Colorado, I immediately fell in love. The fresh air outside and […]

Devil’s Head Lookout, Colorado

“Let’s go to The Pink Hole,” Lilo said. “The Pink…what?” I felt confused. “The Pink Hole, it’s a private gay club in Seoul.” “The pink…hole? hahaha, oooh wow,” I thought that name was brilliant if you […]

Welcome to The Pink Hole – wait, the pink what?